LA based music collective Fly By Midnight to perform Live on Instagram

Alisha Shinde
Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Indie pop and Visual collective, Fly By Midnight, is all set to make you groove to their tunes on Instagram for Vh1 Quarantunes

New York-based indie pop and visual collective duo Fly By Midnight, made up of songwriter Justin Bryte and songwriter / producer Justin Slavo, is all set for a live performance on Vh1’s Instagram account. Following a sold-out album show in NYC and performances at Firefly and Panorama festivals, the duo has continued to generate strong independent buzz by releasing catchy original pop anthems and re-imagined cover songs.

Ahead of their live performance, we caught up with the duo, who met through a studio based in Staten Island, to find out more about their performance and their ongoing projects.

Talking about the live session that will be held on May 19, Bryte says that he takes these sessions as an opportunity to connect with their fans at an even more personal and intimate level than a stage show would allow. He adds that they will be playing a handful of songs from both of their albums, as well as LA Lonely. Whereas Salvo says that they might also throw in a throwback track of theirs and premiere an unreleased one too, “That’s the beauty of these sessions, anything goes,” says Bryte.

Fly By Midnight released their hit song LA Lonely in the beginning of May and became an instant hit with their fans worldwide. Bryte informs that they began writing the track back in January when they had moved from New York to LA. “We were surrounded by tonnes of people, but still felt this void and disconnect,” he says talking about the song that reflects everyone’s emotions in the current situation.


However, they did release an interesting music video to go with it. Salvo says that after the lockdown came into effect, they decided to get on a zoom call to finish the song. “By that point, the idea of feeling lonely had taken on a completely different meaning,” says Salvo.

When asked how the two are keeping up with their days in quarantine in a whole new city, the duo informs that they have been creating to keep sane.

“We’re constantly grateful to have an outlet to be able to continue working right now and even though all of this has kept us away from people, it’s interestingly brought us a lot closer,” says Bryte while Slavo chimes in saying that it has given them the opportunity to spend a lot of time with their loved ones remotely.

The songwriter, Bryte, also says that the current times have had an impact on their writing. “Slavo and I wrote a track the other day that made us dive a bit deeper than I think we’d normally go, but in the current situation you ask yourself questions that you haven’t before,” he says. “I think more than ever we feel a sense of responsibility to give more music to our fans,” Slavo adds.

The lockdown has kept the duo busy. They inform us that they are currently promoting the video of LA Lonely and will soon be releasing a “behind the zoom” from the actual writing session. Bryte also slips in saying that there is also another single on the calendar that’s a collaboration but can’t say much else yet, but it’s a track that they’ve loved for a while now. Brace yourselves, there’s another quarantine coming up soon!

Talking about quarantunes, the duo shares the favourites that they’ve been hooked onto in the last few days. While Bryte has grown fond of The 1975’s If You’re Too Shy and Holly Humberstone’s Falling Asleep At The Wheel, Slavo is enjoying I Don’t Know Why by NOTD and Astrid S.

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Fly By Midnight will perform live on May 19 at 9 pm on the Instagram Page of Vh1 India for Vh1 Quarantunes


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