COVID-19 impact: Google introduces an AR tool that will measure 2 meters for social distancing

ST Staff
Saturday, 30 May 2020

A far better alternative than carrying a measuring tape with you at all times! 

With social distancing being on our cards for a long time ahead, we're forced to think of inventive measures to combat the virus in our way. While wearing a mask and staying at home is voluntary, there's often not much you can to do maintain social distancing once you're out on the streets. However, Google has come up with an augmented reality tool that can help us out with the latter. 

This feature is not an app, in fact, you can simply type on your mobile Chrome browser to launch this tool. But note that this feature is not available on iOS or old Android version. The tool scans the space around you using augmented reality and will superimpose a circle with a two-meter radius around you. SODAR will use your phone camera, and you can point it towards anyone to measure a 2 meters distance. 

While we're not very sure if this tool is a fool-proof way to ensure 2 meters distance at all times, those who are constantly worried about the same can easily launch the feature to mark themselves safe outside. On testing SODAR, we found that its accuracy was not always on point. There were also times when you couldn't make sure if the distance was 2 meters or less. That being said, SODAR is a welcome change in during these trying times, and we can only hope to get a lot more convenience and help that comes from technology during this year. 

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