Corona, quarantine and cocktails…

Najooka Javier
Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Ditch the conventional peg system and give your drinks the much-needed twist. 


Almost a month and a half into the coronavirus lockdown and most of us are stuck with a serious lack of motivation. Saturday night parties sound like history, and so do those sleek and slender cocktails filled glasses. Our heels are probably starting to miss us, wondering what happened to us party-goers after all. 

On the brighter side, liquor stores in many cities have started to open up and that gives us a reason to dress down for a pyjama party, of course with family or over the video conference.

While most of us have tried the regular screw-driver and bloody mary mixes, how about innovating a little with your cocktails. 

Ditch the conventional peg system and give your drinks the much-needed twist. With ample of options finally available outside, beat the scorching heat with these off-beat cocktails ideas while staying indoors. 

*Note - Kindly do not venture outside or crowd liquor stores before and after drinking. Stay indoors and party with your family. 


Cocktails to try at home 


Spiked Popsicle

Summertime is ice cream time. But what's better than ice cream, is a vodka-spiked popsicle. Easy to make and delicious all the way, vodka popsicles are sure to be a hit with your entire family.

All you need is 

1 bottle absolute cranberry vodka / flavourless vodka

Cranberry Juice

Popsicle mould


Mix vodka with the juice in the proportion 2:3. Stir in a tablespoon of lemon juice. Pour the mixture into the mould and place it in the freezer for 4- 5 hours or until frozen. 



I kicked the sorbet 

After an entire day of work from home, who would say no to a nice glass (or two) of sorbet? If you have managed to get a bottle of gin from the stores, this lime sorbet can be your perfect companion for the evening.  

All you need is

1 cup lemons peel diced

1 cup of water 

½ cup of sugar 

½ cup lemon juice 

½ cup citrus vodka 

Crushed mint leaves

Lemon zest for garnishing 


In a saucepan mix water, sugar, lemon peel and bring to boil. Once the sugar mixture turns into syrup, simmer for 10 mins and then remove from flame. Let it cool to room temperature. In a bowl, add lemon juice, crushed mint leaves and gin, mix well. Pour the syrup into the mixture and grind in a food processor along with ice. Strain and remove the granules until a smooth paste-like mixture is formed. Pour in a container and let it freeze. 

Serve scoops of lemon and gin sorbet with mint leaves. 



Jelly shots

Jelly, Gola & Caramel Custard have been childhood essentials that never failed to get us excited. A good old jelly is also good enough to get your party started.

All you need is

 Jelly mix 

 A bottle of your favourite alcohol    


Follow the instructions provided on the jelly mix. 

Boil half of the water mentioned on the pack and dissolve the jelly mix in it. (generally, 250 ml) substitute the other half with alcohol. Once the jelly mix is dissolved in the water, remove from stove and let it cool. Once the mixture cools, add the alcohol. Stir well, pour in a bowl and refrigerate. 


Drunken fruit

Watermelon, oranges are all widely available in the market since the lockdown. How about changing the way we eat fruit? 

All you need

One whole watermelon or a big orange

One bottle of vodka or tequila - depending on the size of the fruit 


Cut a hole and fix the bottle in the hole. Let the fruit rest in the fridge with the bottle. Enjoy the freshly cut drunk fruits. 

You can also try different alcohol based on the fruit. Rum goes good with cherries and vodka goes good with light water-based fruits like oranges, pineapples kiwi. 


Devil made me do it 

Chocolate and alcohol is a heaven-made combo. Isn't it? This quarantine, how about a piece of heaven for yourself? 

What you need

Chocolate cake

Melted chocolate

Rum or red wine


Cut a layer of chocolate sponge cake into and pour half a cup of rum or red wine on it. Let the cake soak the alcohol for a while. Now place the soaked layer of cake top of the rest of the cake and coat with melted chocolate. 

Let the cake refrigerate for a couple of hours. 

Cheers! Happy indoor partying…


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