App of the week: Ludo King

Khevna Pandit
Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Users tell us why they think Ludo King fares well in comparison with other online games.

Summers are incomplete without a stack of board games that keep you from being bored, but what happens when you are left with no alternative but to sit tight in your house and endure the monotony? Ever since the nationwide lockdown commenced in India, several were quarantined in their homes and were told to make the most of their forced holidays. And while the Houseparty app did entertain a lot of us, the app ended up being a passing phase (along with the infamous dalgona coffee trend!). 

A game for all ages 

However, more than 350 million downloads, Ludo King -- surprisingly -- remains in the list of the most downloaded apps in India since March. Not only has it surpassed all the other gaming apps on the Play Store, but the digital version of the classic board game has also passed the test of time. Available on both iOS and Google Play Store, the app has a simple interface with average graphics, but it gives the users to enjoy a game of Ludo with their friends sitting in remote locations. The app also allows you to collect 'coins' and play offline if required. There are quite a few ads, but the game keeps you invested enough to overlook them. Keeping in mind the privacy settings, users can create a 'room' and allow players in after entering a unique code. While some of the dice moves seem incredibly scripted, the game is addictive, and we could hardly stop ourselves from playing. 

Home sweet home

For a lot of us, Ludo reminds us of our childhood and allows us to revisit it, albeit on a digital platform. "Ludo has always been a summer vacation kind of a game; you don't have to put a lot of thought into it as well," Jess Fernandes, who runs an in-home business, tells Sakal Times. "With Ludo King, there's no pressure of a video call on your head. It's a traditional game with a modern approach, and we've been playing it since we were very young anyway. You can mindlessly play it through the day," she adds. 

For Rahul Pandey, a sports jockey, Ludo has been a game that was played across generations, so nostalgia journeys play a role for him. "It has to be the most popular dice game in India. With Ludo King, perhaps the fact that it throws us back into our childhood," he tells us. For him, having a chat feature in the game makes it viable for him. "I play with my sister who stays in Ghaziabad, and even when we're miles apart; it doesn't seem like it. Also, even for the days where you have no one to play with, there is always an option for playing with the computer!" he concludes.

While it could be a coincidence that Ludo King sends an important message of 'going home', their social media post tells us that it probably isn't!

Whether or not your coins do, we sure hope the idea reaches home during the COVID-19 outbreak!


Play Store: 4.1/5
iOS rating: 3.8/5
ST rating: 4/5


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