App of the week: Google Meet

Khevna Pandit
Thursday, 28 May 2020

Jumping onto the bandwagon, Google announced its video-conferencing service to its users -- Google Meet -- that can facilitate calls for over 200 people.

Along with the lockdown, we now have an array of video-conferencing apps in our plate to communicate virtually. Amidst Zoom, Say Namaste and Skype, Google too has introduced a new product that can be easily accessed if you're a Google account holder.

The Google Touch

Apart from being an app, you can also access it through your desktop browser after logging into Gmail. Unlike the popular video-conferencing app Zoom, that recently got into a controversy for its 'Zoombombing' issues, Google Meet allows you to schedule a meeting without any time restrictions. Keeping in mind the basics of online safety, Google Meet has introduced measures to ensure security during the meetings. Unlike other apps that allow you to join with the help of a link, Google Meet will only allow those users who have a functioning Gmail id. After sending an e-vite, the details of the meeting would automatically be added into the calendar. Users will first be brought into a 'green room', where they will have to wait until the host lets them in.

While a lot of people still swear by the trusted Google Hangouts, a statement issued by Google mentioned that it would also transition into Google Meet over a matter of time.

Moving on...

For several users, Google Meet is still about brand loyalty. And even though the app is yet to make its mark in the vast array of video-conferencing apps, many have begun switching from Zoom to Google Meet simply based on the safety concerns. 

"I first used Google Meet for an internship meeting," says Trisha Ghoroi, a content writer. "However, the video quality wasn't great. You can't see yourself as you do on Zoom," she says. Trisha also adds that the app layout is not very preferable; however, it is the safety measures that could make her want to switch. "Zoom is definitely more convenient, and I found Google Meet rather glitchy," she tells Sakal Times.

Sudhir Jadhav, the Co-Founder & Director, Information technology learning hub LLP, prefers using Google Meet because of the ease of access the reliability of Google's ecosystem. "Unlike its competitors, the user doesn't need to download an application to conduct a meeting on their desktop. The mobile application has a good UX. The screen sharing is pretty impressive, and so is the user interface," he tells us. 

Sudhir will rather pick Google Meet over Zoom for its dependability. "I picked Google Meet over Zoom for the features I get to access being a G Suite user. Installing Zoom turned out to be a tedious affair for our business which involved interaction with students and giving them product explanation online," he says.

The verdict

With Google Meet being integrated into your Gmail ids, it is easy to schedule quick meetings. However, we're not too sure about the accessibility if you need to have a Gmail Id to be a part of a meeting. However, having features that allow us landline dial-in numbers for meetings, we are foreseeing a lot of potential in Google Meet. We are awaiting more of them in the forthcoming months.


Android: 3.4/5
iOS: 2/5
ST: 3.5/5

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