Twitter rolls out a scheduled tweet option for selected users

ST Correspondent
Saturday, 9 May 2020

The feature helps in planning announcements and is aimed at making the lives of a lot of people easier who depend heavily on Twitter for their work

Several Twitter users woke up to find a new feature on the micro-blogging platform. The new feature allows users to schedule tweets according to their preference, and they can also set time, date and year for up to 2 years into the future. 



While this feature is only available on the desktop version, for now, TweetDeck confirmed the news through their twitter account with the following announcement:



The 'experiment' involves a handful of Twitter users who can schedule their tweet according to their preferences, however, it is hard to confirm the number of people who are a part of the same. And although the users can schedule the tweet and find it on TweetDeck, there is no separate tab to keep a check on your scheduled tweet. 

The feature which was first spotted by The Next Web, resembles a calendar and is placed next to the emoji icon on your compose box.  

Several users expressed their enthusiasm about the same and were pumped up about the new feature. 

The new feature, which could come to aid for many influencers and business accounts, can be helpful while making planning announcements. The schedule features can also make the lives of a lot of people easier who depend heavily on Twitter for their work.





Despite the excitement that took the social media by storm early in the day, Twitter has still not confirmed whether or not this feature is here to stay. Earlier, users were able to schedule a tweet through TweetDeck, and the micro-blogging site had been actively experimenting with bringing this feature for its users since November. Twitter is also working on several other features that features lately including threaded replies and warnings for people who are posting potentially ‘harmful’ replies.

If you're someone who still hasn't received this feature, you might just have to wait a little longer!

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