Corona, Cricket and Common man of India

Vaibhav Ghodake
Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Sports may not be greater than life, but it gives hope to many. Life is a is Cricket ...Common man of India is eagerly waiting to celebrate again!

India, everybody knows what a cricket crazy country we are! People love, laugh and live cricket here. It is the only thing that unites this amazingly diverse country. A common man in the country lives through cricket stories every day. There is always some live cricket going around the country be it an international game, domestic game or a game on small streets in gullies or on open terraces. Those who are not playing are constantly watching the game on TV, mobiles and maidans. You will always see a bunch of people around wherever cricket is played. And yes, more people enjoy talking cricket than playing it on the field.

Intregral Part of Life

What it means to take cricket away from all these cricket-loving people, nobody could ever imagine. But well you have to live by some things one day or the other. Coronavirus has just managed to achieve this, it has put cricket to a complete standstill for almost two months now, and nobody is sure when people are going to get the taste of live cricket. But there are always ways to stay connected.

There is no substitute for competitive live games, but this unprecedented situation took most of the cricket lovers to the games in the past, to the old days of cricket. They are reliving the best cricket moments of their youth, their then heroes on the field, old rivalries they cherished and all of this has the nostalgia attached to it. People have so many memories attached to something, which is just a game. Reliving these cricketing moments takes people on a roller coaster ride in their past. Isn’t it beautiful how a sport can have such a lasting impact on anybody’s past? 

Off the Field

Coronavirus has stopped cricket for a while, but it will never be out of the system that’s for sure. Future awaits cricket to start once again and fill the many lives with the pure joy of witnessing live cricket. People are waiting to fill those empty stadiums and maidans where it draws dozens at a time. People want to be anxious again to witness great rivalries, cheer for their loved heroes, to share their achievements, to dance to the tunes of victory and make memories for their life.

Sports may not be greater than life, but it gives hope to many. A common man in India lives every day, hoping for a better future. People dream of victories, of celebrations. A game of cricket will help people get back to their normal lives. India will be back to its normal when a common Indian starts to talk, eat, sleep and drink and live cricket again. Life is a celebration...Cricket is a celebration...The common man of India is eagerly waiting to celebrate again!

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