Pune's ayurvedic doctors laud AYUSH Ministry's efforts to strengthen traditional medicinal practices

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Sunday, 3 May 2020

'Only 11 patients out of 6,000 tested positive, as they were unable to take the complete course of medicine for seven days,' reports AYUSH Ministry.

Pune: A recent report by AYUSH Ministry claimed that around 6,000 quarantined patients, who were under Ayurvedic and Homeopathy treatment, have tested negative for Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). Ayurvedic doctors from Pune have attributed this success to the strengthening of the patient's immune system. 

As per the AYUSH ministry, only 11 patients out of 6,000 tested positive, as they were unable to take the complete course of medicine for seven days. 

Speaking to Sakal Times, Dr Hairsh Patankar from Prachin Sanhita Gurkul expressed that we must all understand the strength of Ayurveda.

"Even the World Health Organization (WHO) is talking about immunity. Then we must understand the power of our own Ayurveda in building immunity. No doubt every science has its own merits and demerits. Still, we should accept the importance and strength of Ayurveda in building individuals' immunity. I am sure together we can. We have to support and have to believe our own ancient science as like Chinese Traditional Medicine (CTM) to fight this deadly virus," said Dr Patankar.


Sharing similar views, Dr Ankur Deshpande, an ayurvedic practitioner in Pune, said it is great to see that the AYUSH ministry, central government and state governments, have given Ayurveda an opportunity to present its potential and strength. 

"This is a great opportunity for the practitioners to bring Ayurveda to the forefront as a frontline treatment rather than an alternative pathy," said Dr Deshpande.

Dr Patankar added that high-risk patients like old age, pregnant women, kids or any patients with respiratory diseases, low immunity or diabetes, hypertension, should focus on their diet first. 

"Don't take any cold drinks, bakery food, biscuits, refrigerated or fermented food or anything which will increase 'kapha'. Because according to Ayurveda as per the 'Host and Ghost Theory', if the corona is a ghost, then kapha inside our body is the best host for him. So, people having more Kapha are at high risk always for getting this infection. They should try to balance it," said Dr Patankar.

Adding to his point, he suggested that such people should avoid afternoon sleep.

"Keep yourselves active, always. Do Yoga, Pranayam. Daily exercise is a must. Be fit and maintain positive thoughts. Practice social distancing and avoiding unnecessary exposure; this will give you additional benefit," said Dr Patankar.

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