Coronavirus Maharashtra: Only 8 per cent of patients in the state show COVID-19 symptoms

Chaitraly Deshmukh
Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Most of the cases in Maharashtra have been carried via community transmission, and several patients report of little to no symptoms of the virus.

Pune: At present, 67,600 COVID-19 patients are active in the state, out of which only 8 per cent, which is approximately 5,675 patients, show COVID-19 symptoms. The remaining 88 per cent (59,363) of the patients have not shown any sign or symptoms of coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier, 25 to 30 per cent of the patients were showing symptoms, but now it has come down to 8 per cent. This has come to light after Maharashtra's Medical Education and Pharmaceuticals Department analysed the facts.

So far, around 1.64 lakhs patients have been identified across various districts of the state. Out of them, 86,000 patients went home after recovery and 7,429 patients have succumbed to the virus. At present, 67,600 patients are undergoing treatment at various hospitals in Maharashtra.

However, only 5,675, i.e. 8 per cent of these patients, showed the symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, cough, running nose, breathing problems and a bad taste in the mouth. The remaining 59,363 patients were also COVID-19 positive but they haven't shown any signs or symptoms of the infection. These patients most transmitted the virus during the medical test that was conducted. All these patients were undergoing treatment in private and government hospitals and they were discharged after 10 days of treatment.

Most of the asymptomatic patients tested positive while contact tracing. Authorities examined those individuals who came in contact with other positive patients and found them having no symptoms of the virus. 

Maharashtra has conducted a whopping 9.5 lakh tests so far. 4. 75 lakh suspects have been tested in government laboratories, and 4.70 lakh in private laboratories. Of these, 7.73 lakh (81 per cent) reports of suspected patients were negative. Later on, the second round of test reports of the remaining 1.73 lakh, i.e. 18 per cent of patients, have come back positive after re-checking them.

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