Coronavirus Maharashtra: Latur continues to disregard guidelines

Najooka Javier
Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Currently, the total number of positive cases in the city stands at 65, and two have been reported dead.

On May 17, the central government declared that India entered its fourth phase of lockdown – lockdown 4.0. A new set of guidelines were issued for the country, and every state was also requested to issue a set of state-specific guidelines.

According to the new guidelines, the districts are now broadly divided into containment zone, red zone and remaining areas. 

While some activities have been newly permitted in the red zones, the remaining areas have welcomed considerable relaxations. But along with the relaxations, social distancing continues to be the norm for all people.

Latur falls under the category of the remaining area, and the city has welcomed a few relaxations. Currently, the total number of positive cases in the city stands at 65, and two have been reported dead. The recovered number of patients stands at 36. On Tuesday, four fresh cases of COVID19 patients were reported from the city.

As reported by Sakal Times earlier, the people of Latur have refused to follow the guidelines of the lockdown, and continue to display reckless attitude. They also continue to venture out of their homes, without following the norms of social distancing or using a face mask.

Recently, eight people who travelled from Mumbai to Korali, a village in Latur, were found to be COVID19 positive. The village has now been sealed for fourteen days, and the people are being treated in a nearby hospital.

The Latur market has also been permitted to open up to 80 per cent of its capacity. Still, the people here need to realise that following social distancing and wearing mask, continues to be the mandate. The carelessness of people in the market can be dangerous as the virus can spread easily.

Another issue plaguing the people of Latur is the shortage of water. The city is inching towards a drought situation, as the water reserve in the Rena Dam has been exhausted, and only 18 per cent of water is left for the people to use. Currently, the people of Latur receive water once in 8-10 days.

If the people continue to behave recklessly, it won’t take a lot of time for the virus to spread. People need to follow guidelines and practice social distancing to be safe from the virus.


Photojournalist: Prathamesh Ausekar 

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