Someone from India could win the biggest European jackpot worth 130 million Euro on Friday

Thursday, 25 June 2020

EuroMillions has a €130m (11.1 billion INR) lottery jackpot, and you can win it from India.

EuroMillions has a €130m (11.1 billion INR) lottery jackpot, and you can win it from India. EuroMillions is the biggest lottery in Europe, and tickets can be purchased in nine countries on the continent. But residents of India shouldn’t feel left out. EuroMillions tickets can be purchased online at

There is no better time to play EuroMillions than now, as tickets for the upcoming €130,000,000 (11.1 billion INR) EuroMillions Superdraw, which will take place on Friday, July 3, 2020, are already on sale.

The Superdraw is the most highly anticipated lottery draw of the year, and you, too, can participate in this special event.

EuroMillions tickets can be purchased in nine different countries, but residents of India shouldn't feel left out. You can buy EuroMillions Superdraw tickets online, already now, at Lottosmile.inthe world's leading online ticket courier service.

How do you play EuroMillions?
When you purchase your EuroMillions ticket, you are called upon to choose five main numbers in a 1-50 guess range, as well as two additional numbers, called Lucky Stars, in a 1-12 guess range.

If your five main numbers and two Lucky Stars match the numbers selected in the EuroMillions draw, you win the EuroMillions jackpot!

When you purchase tickets for the EuroMillions Superdraw on July 3, 2020, you'll be playing to win an incredible prize of €130,000,000.

How do you play the EuroMillions Superdraw from India?
Open an account at and you can purchase your EuroMillions tickets online, safely and securely.

Simply fill out your EuroMillions Superdraw entries and our local agents will purchase official EuroMillions tickets on your behalf. The service scans and uploads a copy of your entry to your account and keeps the paper ticket in a safe for you to collect in case it is a winner.

If you are lucky enough to win, you will be notified via SMS or email with the good news, thanks to Lottosmile's automated results checking. And more importantly, you will receive the entire amount of your prize, with no commissions taken!

“We’re proud to offer our services to players from India,” stated company’s spokesman Adrian Cooremans. “It works like this : LottoSmile’s local agents in Spain will buy tickets on your behalf. In return, the website charges a transaction fee and you will get a scan of your tickets before the draw. When you win a prize, it’s entirely yours as commissions aren’t taken from winning tickets.”

“And yes, we’ve had winners from India!” Cooremans said. “An Indian player snagged an Austria Lotto second place prize of €32,161 in November of 2018 and there have been many, many Indians who have won much smaller prizes. We have yet to see a jackpot winner from India, but it could happen in this Friday’s EuroMillions Superdraw!”

Playing the €130m EuroMillions Superdraw is as simple as clicking a mouse. Purchase your official EuroMillions Superdraw tickets online today at and you could win the Superdraw jackpot from your home in India!

For more information how to play Mega Millions online from the comfort of your home in India, please visit

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