Is your bedroom summer ready?

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Natural fabrics, furnishings in pastel shades, minimal decor and so on can give your bedroom a soothing and relaxing look

Having a peaceful, revitalising sleep is good for your body. Your hardworking brain must get a fair and requisite amount of rest for it to function well the next day. A good sleep also shows on your face, confidence, awareness as well as your efficiency. 
Your sleep timings, lifestyle, weather and seasons, and even bedroom settings and furnishings can influence your sleep patterns, and therefore it is imperative to align all these factors and create a perfect ambience that aids you to sleep well. 

Here are some of the amazing ways of making the bedroom sleep friendly: 

  • The bed in the room should be well distant from the three side walls and with no windows at the bed head. The windows in the room should be well covered in beautiful curtains in thick fabric to avoid any light seeping in during the day. 
  • The bed furnishings, all round the year and especially in summer, should be in natural textiles like fine cotton and linen. They help the skin breathe and do not trap heat, making it comfortable and cool to sleep in. Organic fabrics also minimise friction and rashes caused by excessive sweating.
  • The entire set of bed furnishings should be changed every week. Summer sweat is a breeding ground for bacteria and skin dust making the sheets dirty and unpleasant.
  • While washing the used or new linen, add a few drops of fragrant detergent or fabric softener in lavender, chamomile, bergamot, jasmine, rose and sandalwood. Aromatherapy cheers up the mood, relaxes the mind and induces sleep.
  • Dark colours in any form tend to trap heat and also create feelings of being cramped. For a more spacious look, pick your bed linen in subdued colours of white, beige, cream or mustard or any hue from the pastel palette. Mild tones make the ambience look balanced and cheerful while dark tints can be too powerful for the summery days, so strictly steer clear of them.
  • The patterns on interior furnishings also play a key role in creating a relaxing sleep environment. The prints and designs should be small, subtle and pleasing to the eyes. Oversized and crowded designs with obnoxious, gaudy prints can ruin the vibe and disturb the harmony in the bedroom. Opt for minimal décor and let the space take in air.
  • Clear the bed of wintry cushions and store them for the next season. Let the bed be clutter free. Create an attractive look with soft prints of floral, damask, chevron and stripes or let the sheets be in plain solid colours. Less is good, particularly in summer season.
  • Remove all the bulky carpets and just spread one or two rugs and runners in absolute hushed hues.
  • One can also make a floor seating in the bedroom and the living room if the space is well kept and maintained.

The other spaces

  • Declutter the kitchen and dining area and add a touch of sophistication with coordinated colour and printed mugs, crockery, serve ware, bake ware, table runners, napkins and wipes.
  • While making the home summer-friendly, ensure proper ventilation every morning. Aim at making the space fresh, cool and lively. Summers can be exhausting and exasperating, let the space breathe positivity and have soothing vibes.
  • Remove excess furniture and decorative pieces, and adorn the place with soft fabric furnishings that create a look of ice cream colours and chilled iced beverages. Harmonise the look with fresh flowers and scented sticks.
  • Evening outdoor settings can be a fun element at a space filled with a lovely floral garden. 

(The writer is the design head of Tangerine)

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