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Alisha Shinde
Friday, 24 January 2020

Catching up with Aishwarya Jare, founder of the Pune chapter of Ladies, Wine and Design (LW&D), ahead of their Entrepreneurship Edition being held on Jan 25

Living in the 21st century, we have all witnessed the powerful movement that was started for women to safeguard their equal rights. However, even today, we don’t see a lot of women in leadership roles. The reasons could be plenty. Thankfully, women are now coming together to discuss their problems and even support each other to reach newer heights. One such initiative is the Ladies, Wine and Design (LW&D), which is a global non-profit initiative with chapters in 280 cities worldwide.
LW&D is a conversation series started by Jessica Walsh, founder of the design firm — &Walsh. 

Walsh realised that sometimes peers can be competitive or unsupportive of one another and that only a small percentage of creative directors are women or non-binary. LW&D wants to help change this through mentorship circles, portfolio reviews, talks and creative meetups.

The LW&D Pune chapter was started by Aishwarya Jare and is co-led by Anupreeta Agate, after Jare realised that there was a similar lack of representation and community in the design scene. 

Ahead of Entrepreneurship Edition: LW&D Pune which will be held on January 25, we chat up Jare to understand what the event aims at and why networking is an important tool when it comes to leadership. 

Jare explains that this particular event focuses on building a brand, freelancing, marketing and client management. “It is basically aimed at women — students, housewives, professionals, anyone who wants to start their brand or build and take it to a better place,” says Jare. 

The event aims to form a professional support system that educates, inspires and motivates the attendees. There is no better way to learn than meeting people who have had an experience of being in leadership roles. “We’ve got a few speakers like Trishla Talera, founder of TIFA Working Studios, Annushka Hardikar, an illustrator and visual artist and Aishwarya Adgaokar, co-founder and director of design, strategy and marketing of Centro, who are independent artists, designers, business owners themselves. They are people who can give you better insights on facing challenges and building your way up,” Jare says. 

The speakers also hope to provide the attendees with an opportunity to network and create a resourceful and supportive community of like-minded people. “Speakers will also answer doubts. It is important to know that this a safe place to share your concerns and doubts and get them answered,” she says. 

Jare is of the opinion that networking is an important tool that people, no matter what profession they are into, need. At the end of the event, a networking session is a must where participants can personally approach the speakers and get to know each other. “Talking out of experience and after two successful events, this is an opportunity to network so that they can get acquainted with other similar people,” she says.

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Ladies, Wine and Design - The Entrepreneurship Edition will be held at Urban Nomads, Koregaon Park on January 25, 5-8 pm

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