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Wednesday, 15 January 2020

As a part of the weekly column, we speak to city women of varied professional backgrounds who are members of Sakal Times Platinum Women’s Club

Leading by example
Rajul Mehta, along with her daughter Disha, recently launched their new company Eskelait. She explains that they  provide social and emotional learning, life-skills, soft skills and character development courses for children aged 11-18 years and also have modified modules for the corporate sector. “All current conversations across the globe revolve around the need to provide soft skills training to the current and future workforces which is the main purpose of Eskelait,” says Mehta.

She strongly believes that there is a dire need for the youth of the country to grow into socially responsible adults with strong moral values. “While our schools and colleges tackle academic learning well, all other facets of personal development require further nurturing and we saw this as an opportunity to develop engaging and interactive modules that tackle each of these development avenues. Our modules allow them to better manage their emotions, set realistic goals, establish and maintain positive relationships and make well informed and rational decisions,” says Mehta. 

She wishes to inculcate social and civic consciousness among the students and assist them in creating a civic awareness campaign around a cause they feel passionate about.

She points out that the idea of helping clients develop self confidence, stronger communications skills, better appearance and etiquette to present them in every walk of life is what drives her daily.
Mehta is also a professional yoga instructor and a practitioner of traditional Hath Yoga, based out of Kalyaninagar. “I believe that yoga is a union of body, mind and spirit, it keeps your nerves together in this stressed lifestyle that everyone is living,” she says. She adds that it heals the mind which in turn heals the body.

Hard work pays off
Arti Rai, director of Vivz Fashion School, believes that success in education business is inevitable and only hard work, knack of interaction and relationship building can take you on the road to success. Vivz fashion School is a fashion and finishing school that Rai runs with her partner Vivek Pawar. 

Talking about how she chose this career path, Rai mentions that post her marriage, she took a career break for one year. Later she started working in a reputed organisation. “After completing two years in an organisation, I decided to take a leap of faith and started working on establishing my business. I have always dreamt of having my own company that is not only doing well but is also world famous and in the process is giving out the best quality to the clients,” says the founder, who is inspired by Steve Jobs. 

Rai points out that even though she has her own company now, she believes that she has a long way to go in the future. “There are a few more goals that I want to achieve, and I have already set my sight upon it, but I am aware that to reach any goal, it is the hard work that actually pays off,”  she says. 

She points out that she does not believe in comparing herself or her performance with any other beings. “I honestly believe that people must not compete with another person but with themselves — you are the only competition that you have out there in the world,” she says. 

Rai advises that competitors could distract one from one’s goal, but one should focus on one’s performance and stay focused. She suggests one should never waste a single minute in life and keep working on something constructive and wait for positive results. 

Working with positivity
Positive people have a different aura. They come across as those packed with a lot of energy. One such powerhouse is Jagruti Soni, owner of Soneri, a fashion jewellery brand. Soni belongs to a family which has a five decade-old legacy in gold jewellery business. “I have always loved and dreamt of making a career that had something to do with jewellery,”  says Soni. Her creative mindset led her to start Soneri and since then there has been no looking back. 

Soneri deals in heavy bridal jewellery, fashion show-stopper jewellery, corporate jewellery, youth and traditional jewellery that includes collections like temple jewellery, rose gold jewellery, antique, fusion Jewellery, rhodium collection, youth punk collection and much more. They also have an exclusive range of corporate gifting. 

She proudly says that everyday is different for her because she is passionate about her work and brand, as it is something she has always dreamt of.

Talking about her motivation, Soni says that the fact that she can incorporate her creativity in the designing of the jewellery and reach as many customers as she can through her brand motivates and excites her. It  helps her to push her limits every single day. “And I am inspired by my father-in-law who has been a force supporting me and encouraging me to pursue the field I am in. He inculcated the right work habits, ethics and business fundamentals in me. Even though he is not alive today, I thrive on the principles that he taught me,” says Soni. 

One philosophy that she believes in is of taking quick action on what has been decided. “Agility in your approach towards work and passion for your craft gets you success in any profession,” concludes Soni. 

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