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Alisha Shinde
Sunday, 17 December 2017

Apoorva Karandikar enjoys making basic and complex jewellery from copper and brass wires and embellishing it with semi precious stones, terracotta, Thai clay,  micro mosaics, stained glass and so on

Apoorva Karandikar, a 27-year-old Computer Science graduate, has found her identity with handcrafted jewellery. Her journey began with making jewellery as a source of pocket money during her college days and now has grown into a full-fledged business. “I always had a keen interest in jewellery making and that has only grown over time,” she says.

After completing her graduation, she pursued a Diploma in Gemology and Diamond Grading along with a Jewellery Design Degree and set up her own jewellery firm, Avni.

Avni, which means Earth, is the identity of her brand. She associates the brand name mostly with semi precious gems and stones that are used in the intricate jewellery designs. Karandikar started making handmade jewellery with terracotta, Thai clay, brass and copper wires, micro mosaics, stained glass, wire crochet and beaded crochet, and then also started using semi precious stones.

Out of all the mediums that she uses to make jewellery she points out, “There is something about oxidised copper and brass that completely melts my heart.” Talking about her love for copper and brass wires, she mentions that one can make both basic and complex jewellery by wire weaving and wire wrapping designs. Each and every piece of her jewellery is designed and made from handwoven brass and copper wires and intricately placed semi precious stones.

She claims that jewellery made with intricately woven brass and copper wires is something that the Russians have been fascinated with since a long time. But now people here too are loving the concept because it is both ethnic and chic.

Karandikar says she has a range of products including bracelets, handcuffs, earrings and necklaces. Talking about her stained glass jewellery, she says that the glass is hand-cut according to the design which is then pasted using an adhesive and then grouted. She also makes customised mosaic name plates as per clients’ orders.

Talking about the uniqueness of her products, Karandikar says, “Unlike the mass produced jewellery that you find in the market, you won’t find two similar looking products at Avni. An intricate design can take a day or two but a simple design can be made within a couple of hours.”

Karandikar also holds various workshops on handmade jewellery. She says, “A participant who wants to attend the jewellery making workshop does not really need any kind of prior experience in this field.” She says you can learn to design and make your own jewellery playing around the pattern of your choice. As long as you have the enthusiasm and the willingness to learn you will pick up the technique quite easily. She says she herself has improved with each pattern.   

Karandikar’s handmade jewellery is not only elegant but also easy on the pocket. The collection can be found on the website www.avnijewellery.com


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