Winking to fame

Vaishnavi Gajapure
Monday, 19 February 2018

We speak to Pune-based youngsters to know their views on the viral video of Priya Prakash Varrier

She has been famously, or rather infamously, declared the ‘wink queen’. The 18-year-old Priya Prakash Varrier, featuring in the Malayalam movie Oru Adaar Love’s song Manikya Malaraya Poovi, became an overnight internet star. While she won millions of hearts, others were confused as to what made her so famous, but there were several others who found her overnight fame objectionable. There’s no doubt about her talent, but did it deserve all the attention? Was it worth sharing, watching, liking and re-sharing the video? Often because of such mediocre content, real talent gets overshadowed or lost in the crowd of too many ordinary artists. Sometimes cringe pop stars like Om Prakash Mishra, Deepak Kalal and Dhinchak Pooja steal away the limelight and real talent never gets appreciated. 

We talk to a few city-based youngsters to understand how these videos become a hit and does the wink video deserve all the attention. 

“It was clearly a marketing strategy for the movie, before Valentine’s Day. For Dhinchak Pooja too, all the negative publicity turned into huge fame. Om Prakash Mishra has a similar story. Despite being a cringe artist, the ‘Sot’ boy of internet gained publicity for his song Bolna aunty aau kya. However, various talented indie artists, who keep uploading their music online, don’t get instant fame. 
— Sayantan Anik Bhowal, videographer

“It’s useless! Just with a wink, she got instant fame and got the title of internet crush. But the very next day, the same people who made her a star, began bashing her. They dug out her old photographs and drew comparisons of how she looked in the past and how she appears now, and in doing so, they also bashed other girls. I believe, even if the internet is for free expression, it is not a place to invade others’ privacy. 
— Kushal Manav, student

“It’s the easy accessibility and availability of the internet that is used to make someone a celebrity or a clown. With merely some pictures, videos, memes — anyone can become an internet star these days. People like Dhinchak Pooja know that negative publicity will lead them to success. Personally, I don’t see anything unique about this ordinary looking girl Priya as well and her expressions are not something that we have not seen before, so I don’t understand why people are going gaga over this girl.”
— Kalyani Mawle, dietician

“I think the reason why such videos get viral and these artists become an overnight sensation is because of ignorance. Overexposure to social media and impaired awareness of relevant and important issues concerning development of an individual, society and country takes away the attention from the real issues. 
— Nikhilesh Gharpure, entrepreneur

Basically, people should come out of the love zone. Although it is tough to get it out of your mind, but you need to be sensible and practical. These videos get viral because they target your emotions, but they are certainly a waste of time.
— Mayur Borkar, student

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