WHITE is right

Amrita Prasad
Tuesday, 5 February 2019

If you’ve always wanted to wear white denims, do so now. Be it pants, jackets, shirts or dungarees, white denims are in trend and, moreover, they are easy to pair. They also make you stand out from the crowd

There is something about white. Pure and  simple, white easily blends with any colour, giving you multiple options to try. So if you are someone who hasn’t yet tried white denim, it’s time you sported it to amp up your fashion game. White denim is currently making waves in the fashion scene. Until a couple of years ago, it was restricted to only pants, but today you see people wearing dungarees, jacket1s, dresses, shirts, skirts etc making white denim mainstream. Even Bollywood celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Karan Johar have been spotted wearing white denim in interesting ways. So this spring/ summer, make sure you have one in your closet. 
Tanishq Sharma, model and actor, who was the finalist of Yamaha Fascino Miss Diva 2016 and a contestant on MTV’s India’s Next Top Model season 3, swears by this milky colour of denim. She feels that white denims are fashionable, versatile and a closet staple in any woman’s wardrobe. “Whether you’re preparing for spring or getting ready for a work day, white jeans look fresh and stylish. White enhances the quality of other bright colours and if you know how to style it right, you can look best in it,” says she. She suggests that everything from black, tan, grey to bright colours and prints work well with white denims.

If you think white denim is still niche, you are mistaken. “White is such a welcoming colour, it let’s all the other shades be paired with it and lifts up the entire look, no matter the style, silhouette, colour or texture. White denim adds a freshness to any outfit which is why it is gaining popularity. It is here to hover around for a good long time,” says the spokesperson of Cover Story, a fashion label.
When wearing white denims you must choose appropriate fashion accessories. Sharma doesn’t accessorise much as she believes that white itself creates a beautiful aura, hence she keeps it simple yet smart.
“I keep my golden wristwatch and pearl or diamond studs on to make my glam subtle. That said, statement jewellery rules the world, so many fashion experts suggest the pairing of silver jewelry with white denim for a more interesting look. One can complement their super chic look by adding a bold deep red matte lipstick and voluminous lengthening mascara to the eyelashes. I prefer a sleek low ponytail that finishes off my look perfectly well and makes me feel like the ultimate boss lady,” says Sharma.   

Styling it right 
While we have been wearing white denim pants for a while now, other options in white denim are grabbing attention.
Sharma feels a white denim shirt, like white denim pants, is just as versatile and helps create different looks. “We love to wear denim shirt to work because it is stylish. Denim shirt goes well with jeans both long and short, skirts like pencil skirt, sparkly skirt and lace skirt, and dress,” she says.

A denim pencil skirt is appropriate for a casual or creative workplace. It’s also easy to wear on-or off-duty. “Pair your denim skirt with a button-down shirt and pointed pumps. A skinny belt adds a great finishing touch at your waist,” shares Sharma.
Another wardrobe staple is the white denim jacket. Sharma says that these jackets are great for any season whether it’s a breezy summer night or a cold winter morning. “They look cool with an oversized scarf. Balance out the volume of a full skirt with a fitted denim jacket or toss a jean jacket over a body-con maxi dress. A denim jacket with a popped collar and rolled-up sleeves makes even joggers and sneakers look polished,” she shares.
Getting Experimental 
Skinny jeans have been our favourite for years but now we see women getting extremely experimental with their choice of cuts and style of denims. “Nowadays, the high-rise straight fit and even boot-cut denims are making a comeback. However, I think culottes are a must have to look absolutely chic. If you can pair the culottes with a two sizes up white denim shirt, it would look fabulous,” she says.
An oversized or cropped neat look white denim looks more sophisticated and different than a basic ripped or frayed style. “Go for styles and patterns that do not cling to your body for a high-fashion look,” says the Cover Story spokesperson adding that the trick to rock a white denim outfit lies in the texture, colour and layering composition.

Women can put on a cami top with a pair of shorts or a mini skirt and layer it with an oversized white denim shirt and white sports shoes for a cool look. 

“For men, I think a pair of neon shoes would add swag. Right boots/ shoes and layering is the key. Don’t miss out on the textures. Suede, faux fur or shearling jackets strike a balance immediately. While picking out colours to pair with your white denim, don’t be afraid to give a shot to hues of white like vanilla, ivory, beige, cream etc. You will be surprised to see a relaxed elegant look,” says the spokesperson.
White is classy and at the same time sporty, but adding a slight pop of colour to white would further enhance the look. Go for bandanas or scarves for a boho-look. Printed and textured belts look great too. “Animal prints and textures are back in trend, so try giving that croc-effect belt or a leopard print footwear a chance to make a statement,” suggests the spokesperson who adds that one has to be careful about the colour of the undergarment one wears under the white.

Taking care 
The spokesperson, Cover Story, suggests, “A basic of white denim care is to always wash it in hot water separately. Never mix your whites with other colours, however light they might be. Use a natural ingredient spot cleaner. Yeah well, if the white denim is going to give you all the benefits, you better give it some special attention in return!” 

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