When small gets big

Nupur Pradhan
Saturday, 17 February 2018

With real estate prices booming and most homes getting smaller in size, you hardly find storage space. But experts tell us how to find space within the space.

When we talk of not having enough space in our apartments, we always consider it in a horizontal direction. But we can find a lot of space if we start planning vertically. Most walls in the house remain blank or have fancy decor items displayed on shelves. But you can use those shelves for storage too! “Placing fancy mugs and decorative bowls or plates on the hanging shelves instead of random decor items not only look quirky and add to the decor, but also leave you with space in the kitchen to add an appliance,” says Neha Naik, an interior designer.  

The space behind cupboard doors, bathroom doors and kitchen cabinets is always left unused. In the market, one can find plenty of utility items like baskets and holders that can be fixed behind doors. Hooks and rods similar to the ones used in the bathroom can also be used inside the cupboard. Belts, purses and scarves can be hung on the cupboard door. 

Movable shelves are also a good option to store things. If you feel tall shelves make the room or area look small, then opt for staggered shelves which are like stair-steps, broad at the bottom and narrow at the top thus making a room look big, suggests Naik. 

Bed stools
Most beds do come with an in-built storage space which is most often than not, overflowing. Also, under the bed spaces are not exactly handy. Earlier, beds used to come with pull-out drawers but nowadays one needs to pick up the mattress to use the space. The mattress can be very heavy and it can be tiresome to lift it and use the space everyday. So why not opt for a pull-out drawer or a hydraulic opener which will ease the use of these spaces. Though the hydraulic mechanism is a bit expensive, it will save you a lot of energy. 

If you are customising your bed, then turn the headboard into a storage area. Tanaya Purandare, an architect and interior decorator says, “There are multiple ways one can turn the bed into a storage space — open from the top or a pull-out drawer which can be opened from the side or foot of the bed.” 

Using stools or seat cushions is another way of storing things. The stools are movable and do not take up much space and have enough storage space. One needs to just lift the top or cushion to fit in things. Customised sofas in the living room can also be turned into a place to store things. 

Staircases are one of the most neglected areas when it comes to space. Though not every house comes with one but just in case you are lucky, don’t waste that space. The steps of the staircase can be converted into a storage space by using them as drawers. The area under the stairs can be used as a closed door cupboard or pull-out drawers can be installed to store all the extra things at home. The space can also be converted into a library with a nice seating which provides a cosy feel. “For people who need a work desk or a study table, the space under the staircase can be turned into one,” says Naik. 

Window sills
Kitchen window sills are usually dumped with unnecessary things. Look for a hanging rod wherein you can hang pots and pans or a small shelf that will fit in the space. A rod with hooks will provide a good space to hang those decorative mugs and will also look good. One can also find expandable racks in the market which will serve the desired purpose and can be closed when not in use.

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