Weird beauty trends of 2017

Alisha Shinde
Wednesday, 27 December 2017

The passing year saw some outlandish trends which interestingly had takers too!

When it comes to beauty fads, 2017 takes the cake with the weirdest, strangest and a few downright glamorous ones. Here’s taking a look at some of them.

Squiggle makeup
Heard the saying, ‘Life is not a struggle but a wiggle’? This year, we saw what it really means. Not only did the wiggle eyebrows go viral but wiggle lips too followed it up really close. Our Instagram feeds were full of wiggly things. Inspired after seeing a photo which had been edited to make an eyebrow look wavy, beauty blogger Promise Tamang was the one who started this trend on her Instagram page. And to match the eyebrows, the wiggly, squiggle lips were created by YouTube beauty blogger, Lexington. Says Shruti Bali, a working professional, “This trend made me extremely uncomfortable every time I saw it on my feed.” She believes the trend was silly and does not deserve to be around in 2018.

Glow in the dark hair
This was one of the first viral beauty trends of 2017, which saw beauty fans use multicoloured dyes to create a pattern of neon hues that could glow under a UV light. The eye-catching look became popular across all social media sites with people showing off their luminous locks. However, Bhavika Gundesha, hairstylist warns, “The look comes out really well but it severely damages the hair.”

Geode lips
The bizarre brow crown was a rage this November when an aspiring Danish makeup artist Sofie Petersen created the look by brushing her brows upwards to form pointed tufts before decorating each tip with jewels to resemble a crown. Of course the brow crowns got a mixed reaction from people across the globe but that did not stop the trend from going viral. “Even though this brow trend went viral, no one was spotted sporting it on the streets,” says Samruddhi Bagewadi, beautician.
There is no doubt that eyebrow art was a legit thing in 2017.

Flare highlighter
Makeup bloggers took highlighters to another level and introduced the blinding, highlighting technique which actually created an illusion of a lens flare whenever a photograph was taken using a flash. Delhi-based makeup artist Tanisha Aggarwal says, “I love using a highlighter but the flare highlight is way too much.” She believes that the makeup trend will eventually die off.

Glitter in your hair
Thanks to the music festivals around the globe, the youth believe that adding glitter in your hair is super chic. One of the most cringe-worthy moments of the beauty world was seeing neon pink and purple with a fair amount of sequins and sparkle added to the hair roots. This was definitely a hipster fad. As Hiteshi Dograa, hairstylist, says, “Glitter in your hair can really lift your appearance but it comes with a cost.” She says that getting rid of the glitter is really difficult and it stays in the hair for a very long time.

Pom Pom beauty
People have been using pompoms for jewellery and craft projects for several years now, but 2017 was the year when they were used to create 3-D makeup. The trend was prominent on social media platforms where several beauty bloggers showcased their literally eye-popping makeup by using bright colour pom poms. Punnya Bhatnagar, an art student, who loves following trends says, “I never knew that something from an art and craft bag would ever become a huge beauty trend.” She however terms this ‘the most bizarre trend of the year’.

This is what the year of customisation and wild beauty has brought us. Weird beauty trends were of course entertaining to look at and a few of us even gave it a go and tried it out ourselves.

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