Wedding jewellery can be your everyday ornaments

Sakal Times
Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Deepshikha Gupta, senior VP Design, Melorra, tells you how you can rethink and reinvent your wedding accessories

Jewellery is an important part of a bride’s trousseau — this includes both pre-and post-wedding pieces. While weddings are all about flaunting those traditional and ethnic pieces, the post-wedding scene may need a more minimalistic approach. Given that women juggle several roles today, it becomes important that their post-wedding jewellery matches with anything they wear, without making them look like a walking and talking ad for a jewellery store! This is where minimal, lightweight, pocket-friendly jewellery comes in.

However, there are some things you need to keep in mind before you click on the ‘buy’ option. Deepshikha Gupta, senior VP Design, Melorra, a jewellery brand, shares a  few tips that will help you retain that post-wedding charm with your jewellery on point.

Locker jewellery versus everyday accessories
Heirloom jewellery is mostly restricted to lockers, venturing out only rarely. Invest in pieces that you can wear frequently. Stack up on delicate bracelets, necklets, and studs that make perfect daily wear accessories. Why spend most of your money on something that you can’t enjoy on a daily basis? Plus, you don’t have to worry about venturing to your bank locker every time you want to wear jewellery!

Easy to style with Western wear
Minimal jewellery can be adapted to what you wear on a daily basis. This should therefore be on every new bride’s mind post the big day. From a little black dress to a denim-on-denim outfit, such jewellery will rule the roost — you define the limit! 

Modern and simple designs
Opt for modern designs, they go with your Western wardrobe and make you look trendy with an international appeal. Pick designs that are inspired by the latest fashion trends paired with your love for gold. You never have to second guess yourself with such jewellery, no fear of looking dated or not getting it right. 

Comfortable and ergonomic
Chunky pieces are not just an eyesore when worn everyday but also cumbersome in a lot of ways. Tough to wear clasps and screws, itching and sweating due to the sheer volume of the jewellery and the accompanying feeling of having worn something heavy can be quite bothersome. Minimal jewellery, on the other hand, is light as a feather and can be enjoyed without looking like a character from a mythological setting.

Mix and match and (stack)! 
Subtle and minimalistic designs let you mix and match. From stacking up chains of different lengths to rings that can be stacked, buy jewellery that will create a fashion statement without the extra bling. 

Easy exchange for a latest fashion upgrade
Heirloom jewellery and chunky pieces can leave you stuck in time and with regards to changing fashion. However, with minimal jewellery, you can easily trade in the old and pick something up from the latest collections. Moving with the fashion trends, your clothes are no longer the only thing to be upgraded!

Light on the pocket and easy to buy 
Being lighter, the jewellery is much more pocket friendly and an easy buy. Gold is available on a price range starting as low as Rs 4,000. Jewellery has never been more affordable and accessible with the option to buy online! Jewellery purchase can be ‘spur of the moment’ rather than a nerve-wracking event planned with utmost care. 

Too loud? Too subtle? Nah, just right!
Minimal jewellery never overpowers your outfit or you! Worn from an office wear outfit to evening wear, it will complete your look without being the centre of attention or too boring. It will give your look just the right amount of boost!

Gold jewellery can be fun too!
Don’t be bogged down by the weight and cost of chunky jewellery! Jewellery is an accessory to your outfit like your bags, shoes or sunglasses, so don’t make it something to be worshipped or treasured! Enjoy it daily and feel good every day.

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