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Ayushi Garg
Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Meet architect and environmentalist Monali Shah who has designed eco-jewellery

Aren’t these pieces of jewellery eye-catching? The designs are striking, delicate and may we add ‘unique’ because these accessories are made of seeds, serving many purposes at once. 

The ‘Tribal Vibes Jewellery’, is the brain-child of Monali Shah, a Baner resident, who is an architect by profession and environmentalist at heart. Shah set up her business nine months ago, with the purpose of utilising the seeds.   

Shah, who also holds a post-graduate diploma in Natural Resources Management from Ecological Society, Pune, collects seeds from across India. She has travelled as far as Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Manipur, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, scrounging for seeds on the hillside, in forests and parks etc.  

Says she, “I am very much attuned with nature, and it is this passion and love that gave me the direction to give back to the environment. Using these products is a sustainable way of fashion. Besides the jewelry also has a tribal touch which makes its unique and different from others.”

Shah uses a variety of coloured seeds like grey, brown, red, black and orange for making neckpieces, earrings and ornaments. The natural colours are by themselves very striking, so she doesn’t need to use artificial colours or metals to stand out. 

“The jewellery is in the range of Rs 150-1500 and can last for about five years. I sell about 30-35 pieces in a month,” says Shah, who is also vying for online presence. 

Besides this venture, Shah also donates seeds to plant nurseries and to practitioners of alternative healing and curative methods. A member of NGO Jeevit Nadi, Shah also volunteers for tree plantation drives and conducting bird awareness workshops.

Certainly, Shah is a ‘green’ person and is converting many to her cause. One of her clients, Aditi Deodhar says, “I love the concept. The designs are also very nice and unique.” Another testimonial comes from Chetna Gaikwad, who adds, “I have purchased many jewelry sets from Monali. She really has very unique and trendy designs. My daughter also wears this eco-friendly jewellery.

Kirti Wani, who is also working in ecology and environment conservation work, says, “I like wearing these jewellery pieces because Monali is using seeds available in the city areas.” 

May the tribe increase!

- Ayushi Garg

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