Waves of emotions

Alisha Shinde
Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Artist Abhigna Kedia talks about resin fluid art that allows her to create an artwork with mesmerising effect through colours

If a canvas done in waves of colour looks particularly calming, you are probably looking at a resin fluid art canvas. Abhigna Kedia, who practises this art form, is a great observer and draws motivation from nature. A budding resin artist based in Bengaluru, Kedia combines the fluidity of resin and audacious colours of acrylic paints to construct complex harmony of fabricated emotions. Her art is about feeling emotions that are evoked by real-life experiences. 

Kedia, who also paints portraits and landscapes, has found her calling in abstract paintings, as it is open to any form of interpretation. Over to her...

Kedia says that resin is a liquid synthetic organic polymer and is more like an adhesive used for industrial purpose. “It was traditionally used to make boats and sculptures and very few artists use it as working with it is difficult,” says Kedia. Talking about the technique, the artist says that she works with a lot of layers of specialised mixed media techniques to create alternative abstract and expressionistic paintings. She explains that it includes layering the paints and then adding the resin and alcohol ink. 

“The layering technique adds a certain depth to the painting and the way the paints move on the canvas create a mesmerising effect since the colours pop out. When it comes to fluid art, there are no right and wrong techniques. The artist just follows their intuition and creates these beautiful masterpieces,”says Kedia, who has completed her Bachelor’s in Visual Arts at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath.

The running colours create organic movements on the canvas that create a calming and beautiful image and many a time people tend to see emotions in it.

Talking about her paintings and how she chooses colours for resin fluid art, Kedia says that for her, colours are a medium to express emotions. “When I feel a certain emotion and close my eyes, I see a colour and that colour goes into my work,” she says, adding, “I mostly use gold, brown and blue. Gold gives out a lot of energy, while browns and blues are warm colours and look beautiful on canvas when layered properly.” 

Kedia, who has had shows in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi and Dubai, considers painting a meditative exercise. She enters a space of tranquility when she is painting. 

Of late, resin fluid art has made its way even into interior designing and decorative spaces. “The reason people like having these pieces at home is because even though they are totally abstract, the colours and the way the paints are layered lift the mood of the room,” says Kedia. The fluid art canvases actually stand out in the room and are also ice-breakers when it comes to having a conversation. 

There has been a rise in the number of resin fluid art workshops that are being held in the city. One possible reason that can be attributed is its relaxing and calming effect on people. “Those people, who have no prior knowledge about an art form, can let their imagination loose and create something beautiful on any canvas in such workshops,” says the artist. “People have a sense of achievement when they complete their canvases and the end result is always beautiful. So more and more people are opting for the art form,” Kedia concludes.

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