Want to learn the art of arguing?

Poorna Kulkarni
Thursday, 9 May 2019

Arguing while keeping to the point is a legit art form. 66 Sadashiv, the Marathi film releasing today, will take the audience through the journey of a man from Pune who has mastered and imparts the art

Prabhakar Shrikhande (Mohan Joshi) from Pune knows a new art form — arguing to the point. He calls it the 66th art. In ancient India, various art forms were listed under 64 kala or arts which evolved over centuries, accepting additions like advertising (65th art). The film portrays how the protagonist gains recognition for arguing and talks about a training course to teach it which can be used in real time situations. The film has created curiosity among the audiences ever since the launch of its trailer. 

The art
Speaking about the film, Yogesh Deshpande, who has written and directed the film and also plays an important role in it, says, “The film is about the 66th art (of arguing) and is an address in Pune as well. The name has been given to establish the connect with the place. The film is about Prabhakar and Meena Shrikhande played by Mohan Joshi and Vandana Gupte, respectively. Shrikhande teaches the art of arguing. Mahesh Manjrekar, Asawari Joshi and Praveen Tarde too star in the movie.” 

The film has a track featuring Shrikhande’s daughter Kadambari (Apurva Modak), whose marriage is fixed with Abir Deshpande (Yogesh), and it shows how the marriage is affected because of Shrikhande’s argumentative nature. Yogesh recollects one of his experiences wherein he had to argue with people. “I have come across many such incidents, especially in Sadashiv Peth. As a student, I used to visit places where my batchmates stayed as PG. The landlord had strict rules about the inmates’ time of arrival in the night and so on. He would probe us often. It was then that the 66th art came to my rescue,” he says.  

Hemant Gujrathi, producer and presenter of the film, adds, “Conveying what you want to through fewer words is an art indeed. When I heard the story, I realised we all have this art within us; we just need to develop it and use it.” 

The cast
Yogesh deliberately cast most of the actors from Pune. Says he, “I chose Pune actors so that the audience can easily relate to their characters.” 

Apurva, who makes her film debut with this, says, “I play a blogger and a classical singer from Sadashiv Peth who does solo stage and radio concerts. Earlier, I have worked in ad films, stage shows, and web and television series but facing the camera for a film is a different experience altogether. Here, I had an outstanding experience working with the senior actors. Mohan sir and Vandana ma’am made feel comfortable and helped me with my scenes.” 

She further says that her character was relatable as she is from Pune. “I visited Sadashiv Peth a couple of times to observe the characteristics and body language of the girls staying there.”  

Research for the film 
While talking about the plot, Yogesh says, “When I was a kid, I used to listen to Va Pu Kale’s storytelling. One of his stories had a central character named Joshi who would fight with everyone. Even though it was written in the ‘80s, the story was different. I still remember the character and that is why I decided to come up with something on similar lines which would be relatable in today’s times. The film is loosely based on my observations of the city and people. I found this concept different to foray as a writer and a director, plus the producer was also excited to support the concept.” 

As for the research for the film, Yogesh says, “To show argument as a form of art, I studied Upanishads which lists 16 steps on how to argue. I researched and took down notes. To convey the same was also a task. The syllabus which is presented and taught in the film by Shrikhande is based on my research.”

Urban comedy
Since he has worked in advertising for two decades, Yogesh was not only aware of 65 art forms but it was also easy for him to put his story across the medium. Hemant who seconds Yogesh, says, “This is more of a family film with a comedy touch than a complete comedy film.” 

Apurva adds, “The film is more about the emotional graph of the Shrikhande family. Every character has a definite journey and different graphs and tones.”

66 Sadashiv is the first venture by Pune Talkies productions.

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