A walk in the dark

Tanya De
Monday, 27 May 2019

Night treks offer a totally different kind of experience, and they are great in summer because you avoid the harsh sun and soaring temperatures

Summers are a great time to try something fun and adventurous, and for outdoor lovers treks give them an adrenaline rush. Other than giving you a break from your daily routine, treks allow you to experience nature up close. They are good for your physical and mental health too. 

Summers are great for trekking but the soaring day temperatures might pose a challenge sometimes. So if you want to go outdoors and avoid the heat, opt for night treks instead.

Trekking through the night and resting during the day can be a good option during this hot weather. With night treks one can witness the night sky and the beauty of the quiet and peaceful mountains. 

Nilesh Shinde, a Pune-based trek instructor and organiser from Bhandara Camp, says “People prefer to trek during the night because of the hot weather. Trekking in a place like Bhandardara with fewer jungles is convenient for trekkers.”

During night treks, animal sighting is rare but if you can, it will be a memorable experience. 

He is of the opinion that people from the age group of 12 to 55 years can easily do night treks, which are organised from November to the end of June. “Night treks during monsoon can be risky and hence are avoided by trekkers and organisers.”

Manasi Kedar from Trek Trails says, “Kalsubai, Kothaligad are the two places where we organise our night treks. As of now, people signing up for night treks are a little less than usual.” She points out that the only issue with night treks is when people change their mind on the spot and cancel. “That said, we make sure everything is organised in advance. People choose a day or night trek depending on the weather, as for summers, night treks are better,” she adds.

Pune-based student, Akshata Shah, who went on a night trek recently, says that since nights are cooler there is less chance of dehydration. “Night treks are thrilling due to their challenging nature because you can’t see but can feel everything around and you can listen to animal sounds in their habitat which in the day is difficult and still at the end of the trek, you get to witness the beautiful sunrise,” she says. 

Yash Rajgor, a media student, who has been on night treks, says the whole experience is memorable. “You get to play games like dumb charades, antakshari around a bonfire. It is so blissful because one is literally in nature’s lap and the best part is being under the moonlight and feeling the cold breeze, the night becomes so mesmerising,” he shares.  

Vivek Gaddha, who is a frequent trekker, says that during morning treks you might suffer a heatstroke. Also, the distance covered is less in the day due to the heat and dehydration. “Night treks allow you to cover more distance in a faster time-span due to the pleasant temperatures, but you have to be prepared to walk in the dark,” says Gaddha who has been to several night treks as he prefers them over day treks. “I have been to Rajgad, Harishchandragad, Kalsubai and many more,,” he adds. 

What to keep in mind
Night treks are fun but you must keep certain things in mind like:
- Go with a trusted organiser who is thorough with the way.
- Do not make too much noise as it can disturb the wildlife and invite threat.
- Going with a group of people is preferable than going solo for a night trek for your safety. 
- Carrying a torch is a must but do carry extra batteries in case of emergency. 
- Invest in a pair of good sneakers as it will help make your trek a lot more comfortable. 
- Packing lot of water and some snacks will be useful. 
- Dress appropriately for the night trek.

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