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Amrita Prasad
Sunday, 2 June 2019

If you want to give your home a stylish and sophisticated makeover, look no further. Take inspiration from the grand Victorian era to spice things up

Decor inspired by Victorian era is all about the most eclectic styles from history,  a beautiful blend of Middle-eastern and Asian influences. If you like quaint and antique items and are planning to make a stunning impression with your home interiors, consider adding furniture, fittings and interior decoration items inspired from Victorian era. This will give your space a classy vintage feel. To give your entire house a royal makeover, you can certainly use a few items inspired from the 19th century as statement pieces and create an elegant vibe.    

Sameer A.M, founder and CEO, Bonito Designs, says that while a completely designed Victorian house is a rarity these days, it is an ode to a bygone era and truly reflects one’s love for period features, structure and lights. “Victorian times were full of detailed decor. Everything was in excess — homes were brimming with ornate furniture, handcrafted, hand-carved and well-made, textiles, deep-buttoned upholstery, knick knacks, elaborate curtains and fitted carpets, plenty of ornaments and paintings. The furniture and décor comprised ornately carved solid wood furniture made of mahogany, walnut and oak,” says Sameer. He adds that one can add a Victorian touch in the form of sash windows, brickwork and surround detailing, original doors and handles, fireplaces, picture rails, warm lighting, fabrics with patterns, intricate details and workmanship that goes into each and every thing — paintings, carpets, sofas, photo frames.

He suggests a few ideas that you can use in your homes to create the historical era:  

Drapes: Victorian drape styled ceiling-to-floor curtains bring in an impact of higher ceiling, giving more depth to the interiors and making the space luxurious. Opt for plain white if you would like to go all out classy. Modern graphic prints add a unique value to the look. 
Chandeliers: How can we forget  those huge classy chandeliers from the Queen’s era? Curves that speak of royalty and the detailing on chandeliers shows grandeur when complemented with warm lighting.
Wooden cabinets: Your antique porcelain collection gets the right exposure it deserves inside the see through kitchen and crockery cabinets. Grooves and the patterns differentiates a Victorian-themed kitchen from the rest. Once you get that right, the first step is successful. Island kitchens can instantly add victorian touch.
Bathroom tiles: Bathroom tiles can do wonders too. Many vintage bathroom fixtures are available to choose from. Rolltop, dual and slipper tubs are some varieties.
Mirrors: Creating a visual space using mirrors is what we do to feel openness. Use framed mirrors with moulding for dressing.
Floors and walls: Another easy fix is to layer floors with Persian-style rugs. Walls can be covered in ornate oil paintings, and windows can be trimmed in lavish silks. Contemporary homeowners can find mass-produced decorative items at import stores or vintage items at antique shops. 
Fabric and other statement pieces: Remodelling old dining table set by simply reupholstering the chair cushions with a bold graphic print is a great idea. Brass lamps, decorative statues and containers available in plenty across different parts of India offer a textural contrast to soft velvet cushions and draperies. For the globetrotters, tropical plants, artefacts and decorative items, Ottoman rugs, and glass globe lamps among many other items that you can shop at, can add to the Victorian spirit.

Natasha Jain, CEO and cofounder, Bent Chair says that Victorian homes are wonderfully unique, full of character and open to a world of interior design opportunities. “Victorian homes are all about well-proportioned rooms, high ceilings, contemporary colours, royal furniture and artwork,” she adds.

Here are some of the items Jain lists that can give your homes a Victorian theme:
Colour scheme: While creating a Victorian home, focus on sophisticated wall colours, with a particular emphasis on tertiary colours. Victorian colours are warm and subdued, and included soft colours on gray or cream backgrounds, deep rich walnut and mahogany browns, black and shades of teal, plum, aubergine, mustard yellows and golds, burgundy, rust, blue, green, dusty hues, and a subdued shade of lavender.
Patterns: Back in the 19th century homes, complex patterns covered every surface of the Victorian interior. From rich wallpapers that covered walls and ceilings to luxurious fabrics trimmed with silk tassels and embroideries as well as intricately woven Oriental rugs, Victorians loved pattern and used it lavishly throughout their homes. One may incorporate patterns ranged from flora and fauna to geometric designs, stripes, damasks and intricate combinations of those.
Furniture: Victorian furniture were basically heirlooms passed down through generations. Look for rounded arms, exposed wooden feet and nail head trim. One can use tufted classic patterned back and detail. In addition, look at placing a traditional sofa, Ottoman or coffee table to finish off the look. Upholstered furniture is another staple of the style, featuring luxurious fabric and padding. You can check out some of the Victorian inspired items on

Natascha Tate, in-house stylist, LimeRoad, suggests inventive ways to bring the nostalgic appeal of bygone Victorian days into your home in a modern manner. 
Digitally printed covers:  Add romance and beauty to your sofa and couches with floral printed pillows. A floral pillow placed on a modern chair can offer a nice modern Victorian touch.
Tassels: The main rule with this is — if it has a simple base then it should have a more detailed shade like fringe shade that is much more detailed, playful and fun. You can shop the above items on

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