Vicky reveals BFF Taapsee’s most annoying trait

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Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Like true BFFs, they also revealed quite a few things about each other

Taapsee Pannu and Vicky Kaushal appeared on the episode of BFFs with Vogue – Season 3 and killed it with their effortless camaraderie. But like true BFFs, they also revealed quite a few things about each other, including each other's most annoying traits. When host Neha Dhupia asked Vicky, what are the things that he cannot stand about his close friend Taapsee, he said, “Please never ever ask her for a selfie when she is eating food, she can kill you. She can kill you with her stare! Once there is food on the table and you ask her for a selfie, you are dead.

Once, we were having lunch together at the restaurant in the hotel and chatting so obviously, someone would come up and ask for a selfie and Tapsee retorted saying “Khana kha lun?” I could hear their heart breaking and that walk back and I used to say yaar mein na ek therapy session laga lunga bagal mein. Yahan dil tootenge and wo yahan aayenge’ (I will set up a therapy session beside you to treat those whose hearts you break).”

Taapsee replied, “That’s because I love food and I really concentrate and barely raise my head while eating. If someone comes to me for a picture, I just place myself in their situation so if let’s just say, I love Robert Downey Jr. and if he is sitting there and eating, I will not go and talk to him.”

Vicky interrupted her by saying, “You will pounce on him. You will place yourself on that plate and serve yourself to him!”

Well, Taapsee couldn’t deny her love for the Iron Man and said, “No no that’s later, after he eats, I will!”

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