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K Shivraj
Sunday, 17 December 2017

Yamaha Fazer25 is a capable touring bike with a sporting demeanour

Yamaha’s new Fazer25 is a touring bike based on the FZ25. The Fazer25 employs the FZ25’s wining street bike platform as a basis. Turning it on its head almost, the Fazer25 flaunts a touring stance. Helping it in this process is the full-fairing, which adds a sporting undertone to the whole premise. The full-fairing also gets the bike to look fuller and beefier, if not aggressive than the street fighter FZ25. The head lamp, borrowed from the FZ25, has nicely found a place between the imitation air-intake channels on either side. If this makes the bike look naked from the front, the sides paint a different and curiously different picture. With the full-fairing gelling well with the rest of the form when viewed from the side, it does not take long to notice that the Fazer25 carries over a good deal of mechanicals from the FZ25. When viewed from the rear, the bike looks hardly different from that of the FZ25.  

Smooth and refined
Identical to the FZ25 in mechanical terms, the full-fairing makes the Fazer25 a touch heavier. Structured on a diamond frame with telescopic front forks and a monohock rear, the Fazer25 sports the same size of tyres and wheels as the FZ25. Featuring front and rear disc brakes, the bike is powered by the same, 245cc air-cooled single cylinder fuel-injected engine that does duty on the FZ25. Mated to a five-speed transmission, the engine, producing 20.9PS at 8000rpm, has a different state of tune when compared to the FZ25. Ride the FZ25 and the Fazer25 in quick succession, and it will be apparent at once. The Fazer25 feels smooth and refined. The well-spaced ratios make it easy to ride in town, and on open roads. The peak power of the bike may be available at 8000rpm, a good flow starts much earlier on at 3000rpm. A combination of good low end flow and a strong mid-range makes the Fazer25 a very rideable machine.

The bike feels smooth even at speeds in the region of 80 to 100kmph in fifth gear. With the engine turning over at 6000rpm, the bike feels the ‘happiest’ in this range. The bike also delivers a plush ride and the suspension tackles irregularities very well. The 1360mm wheelbase offers good stability. It may seem a little longer than other bikes in the segment, but presents the Fazer25 with an ability to respond well to the rider inputs. Not hindering the bike’s ability to change direction quickly, the seemingly long wheelbase does not take away the bike’s agility either. The ride and handling balance of the bike are impressive.
With the tyres playing a crucial role in the bike’s dynamic ability, the Fazer25 is equipped with strong brakes as well. At Rs 1,28,500 ex-showroom, the Fazer25 offers very good value. Reaching a top speed of 130kmph, it makes a capable touring bike with a sporting demeanour. The best part about the bike is its ability to rake-up the kilometres without a feeling of fatigue.

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