Versatile vases

Amrita Prasad
Sunday, 21 January 2018

A vase can be a great piece of decor, but choosing the right shape, size and the flowers to put in it, is equally important

So you want to add some freshness, colour and beauty to your home but don’t want to spend a lot of money or time racking your brains? Your best bet is flowers. But the gorgeous blooms will beautify your home when arranged in the right flower vase. 

Vases add an ornate touch to the otherwise featureless tabletops. A huge, tall vase can be a perfect decorative item for the floor, and if you want to add some fresh blooms to your hanging shelves, then small vases with small flowers work perfectly well.

Despite the vase being a classic home decor item, some of us are yet to master the art of choosing the right piece and adorning it with the right kind of flowers. To solve your confusion, we speak to some experts who break down the art of decorating homes with flower vases for us.

“The thumb rule while deciding the size of a flower vase is to understand how much of the flowers will be visible when they are arranged in the vase — they should always be one-and-a-half to two times the height of the vase, so that the vase does not overpower them. However, it’s not applicable if you are planning to use the vase as a statement piece. In that cases, the taller the vase, the better. If you want to display bright red flowers, the vase should be as simple as possible, preferably transparent and with a minimalist form,” advises Shalini Gupta, who owns Kesari Interiors, a decor and gifting store in city.

Gupta feels that one need not use a vase as just a container for flowers; instead, she says that vases which are available in different shapes and materials, must be used as statement pieces at different spots of your home. “They look sophisticated and you don’t really have to burn a hole in your pocket to add them to your interiors,” she says.

According to her, one must have at least one metal vase at home. “Metal vases are sturdy, long-lasting and you don’t have to worry about them breaking. Plus you don’t have to think about the colour of the flowers you put in them. Another idea is to buy huge clay vases which are also available in different colours and motifs, or blue pottery, and place them between two couches, near your bed, corner of a room, on the two sides of the entrances and you are ready to wow your guests,” says Gupta. 

Which flowers in which vase?
Although a vase will look great regardless of the flowers you arrange in it, it’s also true that with certain kinds and colours of vases, you need to choose specific flowers. Advises Santanu Gorai, an interior designer, “You don’t have to necessarily stick to real flowers. If you love bright hues and want to bring home bright coloured vases in lively shades of red, green, blue, yellow or red, then chuck the flowers and go for sticks or dried branches. They will give a rustic feel to your home. Never pair red roses with a red vase, or white lilies with a white vase. Sometimes, you can give a break to flowers and use some greens instead.”

Depending on their shape, some of the popular types of vases are bud, cylindrical, tall neck, short, fish bowl, square and so on. “Depending on the type of flowers you want to deck up your home with or the blooms you love, you can select the vases. For example, flowers with heavier heads are ideal for square vases, a bowl-shaped one is ideal for flowers that require a good depth for the stem,” suggests Gorai.

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