Treats from Transylvania

Alisha Shinde
Thursday, 20 September 2018

Have you always fancied the Instagram trend of delicious looking cones? Grab yours at Kurtosshhh and indulge in one of the best street foods from Europe right here in Pune

Haven’t we all come across fancy street foods of the world on Instagram and thought to ourselves, “Wow! I want a bite of that!”

The famous dish from Transylvania, in Romania, a recipe dating back to the 16th century, has made it across the seven seas to Pune. Kurtosshhh in Bavdhan is making your dreams come true as they have brought the tasty street food —  Kurtosh Kalach, a chimney cake, filled with a variety of stuffings, to the city.

Originally a dish which is sweet, Kurtosshhh is giving it an Indian twist. Karishma Nagare, the co-owner, recalls the time she first came across the delicious looking dish. She says that street food is a big deal in every corner of the world because it is all about the local flavours. “We got acquainted with Kurtosh when a close friend of ours visited the place and could not stop talking about it. When we saw the pictures of the food, we were compelled to go and visit the place. Once we did we just could not stop thinking about it until we got the dish back to Pune. That is exactly why we decided to open Kurtosshhh here,” she says. 

The menu is elaborate, which highlights not only the traditional varieties but also new fusions preparations. You can have a Jaggery Banana Kurtosh which has a caramelised banana in jaggery sauce filling, coated with cinnamon sugar, or a more contemporary one like a Red Velvet Kurtosh with cherry filling.

The savoury kurtosh at the restaurant should not be missed. You can choose from vegetarian and non vegetarian options depending on your preference. But here’s a tip — try the Paneer Makhani filling with a cheese, garlic and mixed herbs coated kurtosh, and the Soya Kheema Kurtosh which has minced soya with Indian spices, cheese, garlic and mixed herbs coating. 

The Barbequed Chocolate Chicken Kurtosh, in which the chicken is cooked in a barbeque sauce with chocolate, sounds interesting and rather adventurous, too.  

For those who love to spice things up, try the Veg/Chicken Kartoos Kurtosh loaded with protein (paneer/ chicken), veggies, jalapenos, olives, and a whole lot of spices, with generous cheese filling and a mixed herbs coated kurtosh. 

While gorging on these delicacies, you can sip on range of iced teas in interesting flavours like Popcorn, Bubble Gum and Paan Litchi. 

While at Kurtosshhh, don’t forget to try their range of Bagel sandwiches as well as the sweet cakes. 

Kurtosshhh at Bavdhan is open from 11 am-11 pm, all through the week.

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