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Alisha Shinde
Sunday, 19 May 2019

PropShop24 launched its first private label Far Left featuring offbeat eyewear. Founder of the brand Amtosh Singh tells us more

Owning a couple of sunglasses is a must not just for a tropical vacation, but also while commuting to work, on spontaneous trips over the weekend, and basically every time you step out in the sun.   

Far Left is the first private label from Propshops with which founders Amtosh Singh and Utsav Vohra, made their foray into the fashion and accessories category. They have launched a  trendy collection of sunglasses and will be integrating many other exciting categories towards the latter half of the year. “In the true sense of the word, Far Left stands for equality for all, and progressivism in one’s beliefs. For us, Far Left stands for being yourself whether conventional or not and the freedom to be unique, non-conforming,” says Singh.

Acknowledging the make-or-break factor that sunglasses play in every OOTD, Far Left has launched an extensive range of 165 styles, including reading glasses and sunglasses. “We’ve identified 11 classic and seasonal global trends to create a curation of fluid, unconventional styles that we hope our customers will connect with,”says Singh. 

Choosing sunglasses is not an easy job, you know the drill — walk into a store, choose a design, try it on, look at yourself from all possible angles, ask other people if it looks fine, and then convince yourself to buy it. Many find this entire process quite daunting. Singh shares how choosing sunglasses should be formulaic, “You need to find a style that best compliments your features­ — circular frames for a square face or angular pair for a round one.” He points out that the most important thing is to have fun styling your sunglasses. Since personal preferences vary, you should choose whatever you are comfortable wearing.
Talking about new trends, Singh points out, “The cat eye and micro sunglasses are in vogue right now and a lot of vintage styles are making a comeback.” He says that there is no denying that celebrities influence these trends which are then adopted by the general public. “Most celebrities, for their airport looks, are spotted wearing oversized dark tinted sunglasses and that trend has trickled down to people wearing similar shades as part of their everyday style,” adds Singh. 

The latest fad is brides wearing shades as a style statement as they make their entry on their big day. “Pairing lehengas, sarees, kurtas and various traditional outfits with sunglasses is a trend which is catching up real quick, and brides are rocking everything retro to pink shades like a boss,” says Singh, adding that the accessory has the ability to uplift any ensemble while providing protecting from harsh UV-A and UV-B rays. The entire Far Left collection is available on

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