Think outside the (present) box

Alisha Shinde
Monday, 12 February 2018

Gifting flowers, teddy bears, cards and chocolates to your loved one is passe. Why not name a star after your beloved, or gift him/ her ‘peace of mind’?

With just a day to go for Valentine’s Day, most of us are anticipating a well wrapped gift probably with a bow; or the courier person delivering a bouquet of fresh flowers along with a cute note and a box of delicious chocolates. Why not look beyond flowers and chocolates? It is time for you to think out of the box and gift your partner a thing or feeling that they will not forget anytime soon. 

We talk to a few couples who have planned something special and innovative for their love – they believe that it will sweep their partner off their feet, and make the day memorable for them. 

Abhishek Athvale works in the merchant navy and spends most of his time offshore. He says, “Stars play an important role in my life. And, so this year on Valentine’s Day, I am going to name a star after my lady love.” 

Athavle adds that the couple doesn’t get enough time to spend together because of his job. “The only thing common between the two of us are the bright stars in the night sky. That’s my reason for naming a star after her.” 

Tanisha Aggarwal, a Delhi-based make-up artist, says, “What is a better gift than the gift of time?” Aggarwal who was away from her partner for over two months because of her makeup artistry course, believes she needs to make up for her absence, by gifting her boyfriend their time together. “Usually, we spend Valentine’s Day dining at my favourite restaurant. But this time, I have decided that we will cook our meals together, watch a movie and stay in,” she says, mentioning that this will make their bond stronger. 

“My wife is extremely fond of photographs,” says Parminder Bhatti, who has decided that he will be gifting her an explosion box. Bhatti explains that once the lid of the explosion box is pulled, all the pictures in it, pop up. Talking about the inspiration behind the gift, he says, “Photographs help you relive some good old memories. The explosion box does just that but with an element of surprise.”

Sanika Pathak believes that an ideal gift is when both the people in the relationship can enjoy it together. Pathak mentions that since she is soon getting married and the past few weeks have been extremely stressful for both her and her fiancé, she has decided that they will spend this Valentine’s Day, rejuvenating their body and mind at a couple spa. “With the wedding just a few days away, a spa session is the need of the hour for us,” says Pathak. 

She believes that the spa session will help them relax and also bond before their big day.

Anirodha Mishra, who wishes to spend Valentine’s Day away from the hustle and bustle of city life, is all set to take his lady love to a nearby hill station. He wants to gift her ‘peace of mind’. “This year, we have decided to unwind and relax in each other’s company,” says Mishra. 

However, for him the day of love is incomplete without flowers. So he has arranged for a teddy bouquet along with a wine bottle, which he will present to his partner at a candlelight dinner by the riverside. 

It is still not too late to conjure an out of the box gift for the special person in your life. Think about it!

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