They stay up with you, when the world sleeps

Alisha Shinde
Monday, 31 July 2017

Do you have someone with whom you can share anything at any time? Then you are blessed with ‘3 am friends’. Here’s what these kinds are for

Friends — our secret reservoirs, the crazy bunch of people we share our lives with, laugh with, joke with, share embarrassing moments with, and more importantly, grow up with.

Though we live in a world where it’s a matter of click to go from friends to strangers and strangers to friends through social media, there are people out there who would reach out to us whenever we need them, even at ungodly hours.

‘3 am friends’ is a new concept in friendship. Feeling low? Need help? Cannot sleep? Or something bothering you? To talk about anything between the sky and the earth, you can call your best buddy and s/he will be there to help you.

“One may not need people throughout the day to tag along with, but at night, amidst the calm and raging thoughts, one needs a friend to turn to,” says Radhika Parashar, an aspiring journalist. She further says, “My 3 am friend is a boy. I call him up when I am mad at something. He does not always have answers to my situations but he does make me laugh my life out. He is my special friend and I call him ‘Vishesh’.”

Aditya Nimhan says that the 3 am friends are just different people. They have the purest of hearts and you don’t even have to make an effort to connect with them. You can bombard them with random thoughts, whether happy or sad, or whatever. “We all wear masks in the world. The only time we take our walls down and remove these masks is when we are with our family or with people we completely trust. So these are our 3 am friends. They won’t judge you for the decisions you make, for the way you dress and may embarrass you at times in front of friends. But they will stand by you through thick and thin.”

“Everybody needs somebody to share the little know-hows of life or a sudden breakdown or a bi*ching story,” says Moumita Chakraborty. She believes that these 3 am friends just listen (or pretend to) but at the end of the day, your message is conveyed and your heart is a tad bit light.

But being a 3 am friend is not easy — actually getting up just to listen to your friend and comfort you, won’t come easily to everyone. Tanaya Kakade recalls the jitters she gets when her phone starts buzzing in the middle of the night. She adds, “Generally it’s never good news and the response is always negative but later it turns into excitement, with all the discussions about first kisses, dates, breakups, just any random things. The best part is knowing that somebody thinks about you and wants to share things with you.”

Some relations are blood relations while some are chosen by your heart. The ones who your heart truly chooses, go on to be your friends in need and you can definitely disturb them in the middle of the night.They won’t snap at you, rather they will be there for you. 3 am friends are an important part of your life, you cannot lose them because they know you the way you know yourself.

Abhishek Shejale believes that most of the people who are awake at 3 am are the ones who are vulnerable and they need just the right person with whom they can share the deepest concerns of their heart. He adds, “These people are real, they are those whom people can count on for secrecy. Night talks are honest talks which turn our friendships into unbreakable bonds.”

Anup Doddamani explains how his 3 am friends are an important part of his life. Right from listening to his random talks and jumping into impromptu plans, everything can be part of the conversations. “I know I can depend on them for the slightest things, these are my forever friends,” Anup adds.

If you have 3 am friends keep them and cherish them.

PS — These friends know all your secrets, so you cannot afford to lose them.

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