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Friday, 29 March 2019

The Mozilla Campus Club@ Bharati Vidyapeeth, College of Engineering, Pune is hosting FIBBLE’19, a technical event for students

The Mozilla Campus Club@ Bharati Vidyapeeth, College of Engineering, Pune is a team of tech enthusiasts and inquisitive students who interact with their peers to make them learn, share and exchange technical information by organising various events and workshops. The specific purpose of Mozilla is to promote the development of, public access to and adoption of the open source Mozilla web browsing and Internet application software. 

The campus club is organising an event, FIBBLE’19 on March 29 and 30 at Bharati Vidyapeeth under the guidance of Prof Dr Anand R Bhalerao, Prof S B Vanjale and Prathamesh Chavan. FIBBLE’19 — FIBBLE means FIx, scriBBle, battLE — is a purely technical event where students from all over Pune along with representatives of the Mozilla India and Mozilla Pune Community will be a part of it. 

Sub-events of Day-1 (March 29) are:
DOODLER: The participant will have to make a doodle of a picture provided to him/her. Participants can use photoshop, illustrator and paint etc. They will have to write a paragraph or two as to what helped them conceive the doodle. 

TECHNICAL QUIZ: The technical quiz for the event has three rounds.
Round 1: A set of written questions will be given (can be MCQ, FiB, Matching) and need to be solved in the given time. This will be an elimination round. So, do try and make it to Round 2. No elimination takes place after this round.
Round 2: Different logos will be shown on the screen. Answer them to earn points.

Round 3: This will be a rapid fire round where random questions related to the tech world need to be answered to win. 

The scores from Round 2 and 3 will be aggregated and the winners will be decided.

BUG OFF: After a product is released or during public beta testing, bugs can still be discovered. When this occurs, users have to either find a way to avoid using the “buggy” code or get a patch from the originators of the code. 

Bug off is the flagship event of Fibble’19 and it will be hosted on two major online platforms — CODECHEF and HACKEREARTH. The event will be conducted on the CODECHEF platform at the venue BV(DU) COEP, in a team of two participants for a duration of three hours. At the start of the event, Participant 1 will be given a problem statement and he will write a code for the given question. It will be judged on the basis of accuracy of the code and preference will be given to the person who solved it correctly in less time. 

Participant 2, on the other hand, will be given an already typed piece of full-fledged code and they need to debug it. It will be judged based on compile time, run time and number of errors corrected.
After half time, the participants will be switched to the other teammate’s task, i.e., Participant 2 will continue the code already attempted by Participant 1 (from the point they left it) and Participant 1 will debug the code. No interaction will be allowed between the teammates during this competition. The first three winners will be awarded with cash prize as well as goodies and rest of the participants will be awarded with participation certificates. 

At the same time, the debugging part, will also be hosted on the HACKEREARTH platform where programmers from all over India can take part. The top 10 per cent participants will be awarded with achievement certificate.

DAY-2, March 30 (TECH- TALK): Technology is becoming more and more important as we move forward, and it is changing our lives in ways that were unimaginable before. The aim of Fibble’s tech talk is to give participants the glimpse as to where technology stands today and what all exciting opportunities are waiting for the ones who have interest in various fields of technology. 

Prathamesh Chavan along with other Mozilla representatives will deliver the tech-talk. Also, speakers from various reputed companies will also be attending.

Prizes: Grab cash prize upto Rs 5000, gift hampers and vouchers upto Rs 1500, and a certificate of achievement to the winners. Not only this, participation certificates will also be given to everyone. You might be lucky enough to grab some official Mozilla swags too!

Stay tuned on our social media for further details regarding the tech-talk. 
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