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Alisha Shinde
Sunday, 2 June 2019

Brewhouse Ice Teas are all about healthier and better tasting beverages

If there is one beverage that Indians truly love, it is the tea. They find a hot cup of tea rejuvenating even in the peak of summer when temperatures are reaching 40 degrees Centigrade. But here’s something cool. Siddharth Jain, founder, Brewhouse Ice Teas, has come up with the real-brewed, bottled ice teas. “Unlike other ice tea brands, we do not use any powder, concentrates or flavours but only natural tea brew,” he says.

Their ice teas are made from freshly brewed tea using high-grown, organic tea sourced directly from tea gardens. “An ice tea drinker in India is a health-conscious urban consumer, which is why we make our ice teas with less sugar than most bottled beverages. Our beverages also do not have any preservatives, colours or artificial flavours,” he says.

Talking about the process, Jain says, “We brew the tea, which is sourced from gardens, in large tea bags (made of muslin cloth) in tanks and immediately cool the brew to stop the brewing after which sugar and other ingredients are mixed and the final beverage is prepared which is all done in small batches to control for taste and quality.”  The product is then pasteurised at 95 degree Centigrade and then filled into glass bottles at about 85 degree Centigrade after which it is immediately sent for cooling as prolonged exposure to heat is not good for the product. 

When asked if the Indian audience is okay with the fact that a slight twist is given to a regular favourite beverage, Jain points out that while the market for bottled ice teas in India is nascent, people are open to looking at ice tea as an alternative, natural beverage option as opposed to carbonated soft drinks. 

“Ice tea is one of the largest beverage categories globally, after carbonated drinks and juices, and has seen a tremendous growth globally in the last 15-20 years as health concerns have forced people to look at alternative beverages,” says he.  

They started with three classic flavours and today they have eight, with a combination of classic and exotic flavours like Mojito Lime Black Tea and Blueberry Jamun Green Tea where jamun leaves, which are very healthy, are brewed with green tea. “For our Masala Black Tea, we brew freshly ground chai masalas with black tea and for the Forest Berry Black Tea, we brew hibiscus flowers with black tea to get a cranberry-like taste in the black tea,” shares Jain. 

But with a cool product comes a lot of challenges. Jain points out that distribution is always a challenge in India as we are a large country with millions of selling points, most of which are un-organised. “Reaching many stores and servicing them requires a large sales force which is time-consuming to hire and expensive to maintain,” he says.  

Brewhouse Ice Teas are priced at Rs 60 and available at Big Basket and Amazon.in, and will soon be launched at Flipkart. 

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