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Alisha Shinde
Monday, 4 November 2019

Drop the hassle of conventional business cards, and go digital with MeApp

If you are a working person, there are two things that you have for sure — stress and a bunch of business cards. While stress is something that a person himself/herself has to work on, here’s something that can help you declutter your business cards — MeApp. 

More business cards means more paper and most of this is sourced from trees, by cutting them down that is. My Entity, a green-tech startup based out of Pune, has launched its app called MeApp on Google Play Store to solve this problem. The primary feature of the app is the MeCard which is an alternative to the conventional visiting card and can be exchanged digitally.
The idea of this app originated from an embarrassing situation faced by the founder Viinod Haridaas. He recalls that while on a business trip to Dubai, he had a bunch of business cards with him but he soon exhausted them all, after which people had to click pictures of the only visiting card that was left with him. “That was when it hit me. I thought to myself, ‘Why should one ever be using a conventional business card in this digitally advanced world?’ ” recalls Haridaas.
So with the help of IITian developers and other technical staff, the non-techie from Pune developed the MeApp.

Haridaas says that on an average, a professional is responsible for the cutting down of 30 trees during his/her lifetime, just to make their business cards. MeApp enables the users to not only get digital in their approach but also contribute towards a greener tomorrow. “MeApp is a game changer in the e-card industry with its real time sharing and updating feature,” says Haridaas, adding that getting on the app and using it is very easy. 

Just the way you exchange cards by holding it with your hand, you have to swipe up the ecard using both your thumbs when you are sending it. And pull it down while accepting it or discarding a card. “On the app, sending, receiving and discarding of cards is done in the same way as done physically,” he says. 

Haridaas points out that the app can be downloaded for free. It gives a couple of free templates for creating a professional business card. “With real-time updates, details on the visiting card can be altered even after they are shared with people. The info can be updated in the app of the user who has already received the card, so you never really lose out on a contact,” says the founder. He adds that even if the other user doesn’t have MeApp, they can still send their card through mediums like WhatsApp, email, social media and messaging. Google cloud backup helps keep all the cards safe and secure. 

As of now, the app is available on Google Play Store and soon will be released on App Store.

How to use the MeApp
You can create your own business cards by choosing a pattern from the wide variety of templates in the app. Create the card in a minute, in just 3 simple steps. Feed in the required data, choose your desired template, and voila! You have successfully created your own digital business card!

Sharing the card
Once your card is created, just swipe up to share it. Using GPS technology, the MeApp will scan the nearby area and identify MeApp users around. Simply choose one or multiple users and the card will reach them in seconds! You can also share it with the non-users through Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and other social media.

With one single click, your card will direct the receiver to your respective social media profiles.

You can also search your contacts through their industry specific feature. Simply enter the industry (eg, digital marketing, sports, web designer, etc) on the search and you will get a list of all those related to that specific industry.

Realtime Update
MeApp enables you to change or update your details in real time, thus saving the hassle of changing your business cards or updating hundreds of contacts for the same. Your contacts won’t even be notified about the change!

Cloud saving & Security
MeApp uses the Google cloud service to securely store all your personal data and contacts. The App doesn’t save anything on your mobile device, so even when you change your device, you don’t have to worry! Download MeApp to create your own MeCard and drop the hassle of making and sharing paper business cards!

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