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Dr Madhu Chopra
Wednesday, 6 March 2019

A day prior to Women’s Day, Dr Madhu Chopra tells us how today’s multifaceted woman needs versatile nutrition to stay fit and healthy

Taking on many different roles can often lead to women compromising on their health and well-being. Hectic work schedules combined with a wide array of responsibilities often entail skipping meals, taking enormous amounts of stress and being prone to fatigue and illness.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day tomorrow, Dr Madhu Chopra (actor Priyanka Chopra’s mother) tells the woman of today how to prioritise sustained well-being for all 365 days. 

Make every meal count
Dr Chopra observes, “As women, we always tend to put ourselves last. No matter how busy we are, it is never advisable to skip meals as every meal is crucial to our nutrition and wellness. As a working woman and a mother of two, I made it a point to eat healthy and nutritious meals through the day. I would always keep a handful of almonds with me. They not only kept me satiated, but would also take care of my intermittent hunger pangs. The rule at the Chopra household was that nobody, at any point, should skip meals or consume anything other than a balanced diet.” Thus, the first step to maintaining one’s health and feeling energetic is to eat every meal and snack healthy.
Eat on time 
Discipline is key to living a healthy life. As part of this, it is necessary to not just eat meals but to eat them on time. Erratic schedules often lead you to have meals at odd hours and subsequently experiencing fatigue. “Discipline is and has been very important to all of us. It was and is an essential part of our lives as we hailed from the armed forces. It is important to eat on time as our body requires regular and timely nutrition,” shares Dr Chopra. 

Adding to her health tips, nutritionist Madhuri Ruia says, “The daily consumption of 23 almonds allows you to take monounsaturated fats which are helpful towards greater heart health. They help maintain your good cholesterol level and the best part is that they are low-calorie treats as well! So, the next time you find yourself reaching out for the cookie jar, pause and prioritise healthier options.”

Snack smart
When you have craving for a snack or want to kill the boredom at a long day at work, you often feel tempted to munch on an unhealthy and calorie dense food item. Dr Chopra says, “I often see people eat out of boredom or when they are stressed. Pay heed to the nutritionists when they say that you need to reach out for a bottle of water when you feel like snacking something unhealthy. I relish a simple snack like almonds tossed in jaggery or my favorite herbs. I also enjoy roasting them and making them a part of my salads. Not only do they have a lovely crunch, but also satisfy my hunger pangs.”

Walk the talk
Good health is all about a fit body and an active mind. In the journey to ensuring the well-being of your loved ones, it is imperative to focus on one’s own health too. Dr Chopra says, “You don’t need fad diets or tough workout routines to ensure fitness. Take some time out every day for some physical activity. If you are one for a good challenge, take up a sport like tennis or swimming everyday. Not only will you have a fitter body, you will also feel happier!”

Make some me time
Taking some time to relax and indulge in a few hobbies is something that women could use every once in a while. The elaborately planned vacation or a spontaneous trip to the bookstore can be a relief from the humdrum of daily life. Reflecting on the good times, Dr Chopra says, “Take some time off your daily schedule to do what you enjoy the most! Dust off the old paint cans locked away in your garage, run that marathon, go on vacation with your girl gang… the options are too many! You deserve a lot of love!” After all, taking a break from your hectic lifestyle and focusing on yourself will give you that much needed zing!

Give the gift of good health to your young ones
Watching one’s children grow into mature, responsible adults is a precious journey to be a part of. As children grow older, their list of commitments and nutritional needs increase. Dr Chopra recalls, “Watching Priyanka juggle multiple projects and being a part of her journey have been wonderful experiences for me. As a mother, I ensure that she has the right kind of food. Healthier ingredients like almonds have been an important part of her daily diet, be it the bowl of early morning muesli, her post-workout snack or even the light bowl of dinner at home.” 

A multifaceted woman like you deserves only the best of nutrition and health. Keep these simple tips in mind, and embrace a healthier and happier future. Happy Women’s Day.

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