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Alisha Shinde
Wednesday, 25 September 2019

We present three Sakal Times Platinum Women’s Club members who are living their dreams

Dynamic Duo
Rashmi Dalal, founder of Fete Magnifique and co-founder of Dazzle Dust is everything that stands for elegance and class. Dalal, who started the event planning company that specialises in luxury weddings and specially curated shows, knows how to maintain a balance between her professional and personal life, because her venture Dazzle Dust is in collaboration with her daughter, Chahat. 

After she got married, Dalal decided to be a full time homemaker. “Nobody forced me to be at home but my husband was in defence and would often be away. I wanted to be with my daughter, which gave rise to a beautiful bond between us. We grew as friends,” says Dalal. 

She points out that unlike the Cos and Sons (family or partnership ventures), their venture is more of Co and mother. “Once my daughter grew up, I knew I could take more on my plate. I trusted my instinct, and with Chahat being my constant support, we came up with our venture. It’s rather unusual — my daughter becomes my boss, but I am quite proud of this fact,” she says. 

Talking about her dynamic relationship with her daughter, Dalal says that they do have an advantage because they understand each other well, are passionate about what they are doing and most importantly, they never interfere with each other’s work and decisions. “While at work, we keep our relationship very formal and at home, we are the best mother-daughter duo,” Dalal adds.

The event company that Dalal owns with Chahat is one of the highly spoken ones in Pune, because they insist on delivering the best of the best to their clients. Be it a party, a wedding or even fashion shows, the Dalals know how to add glamour to it.

Be inspired 
It  is never too late to go back to college and study something that you are passionate about. Sanam Doultani did just that. From being a homemaker to a reputed fashion designer, Doultani is living her dream through her brand Razzmataz. The designer had the option of starting working alongside her husband, but she wanted to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer. “Every child in this world has a dream. As a child, I was very passionate about fashion, and would always try out various designs which stood out from the crowd. As I grew up, my passion for fashion too soared but as per Indian customs, I got married and soon got busy with kids and their education. However, the passion never faded,” recalls Doultani. 

As things settled in her family life, she knew that it was time for her to focus on her dreams and aspirations. Soon she enrolled herself at INIFD for a fashion degree course. “Attending college with batchmates in the age group of 20-something gave me a new perspective on life. I became more vocal about my opinions and thoughts and also fierce in facing the world. When you spend time with the young generation, there is so much that you can learn,” she says. 

Talking about her designs, Doultani says that she is massively inspired by nature. “The colours, the undertones, layers, fabrics, cuts and even the embroideries that I use all have a little bit of nature in them,” says the designer. 

And she not only gets inspired by nature, she is doing her bit for it too. “As a designer who loves nature, I make sure I upcycle a lot of material. I even insist and convince my clients not to buy more fabrics but rather stitch new clothes from their old dupattas and saris. Even smaller efforts like these go a long long way,” she says. She specialises in drapes, classic cuts in gowns and creation of customised clothing. 

Sky is the limit
For Jesmin Bagmar, stopping is not an option. From starting a career as an air hostess to getting into the real estate industry that is heavily dominated by men, Bagmar has done it all. She believes that it is your passion and stubbornness that drives you to do more. “I have overcome every hurdle in my way and have climbed the ladder to survive in the demanding real estate business, where not many women venture into,” says Bagmar. 

She points out that the reason she has been successful is because for her, selling a property to a client is not about money. “I know I am facilitating someone’s dream, be it their first home, or any other property that a family chooses to invest in. I know I am a part of their dreams, which is something that makes me super happy,” says Bagmar. 

She points out that her venture, Yuga Properties, does everything under the sun in terms of real estate — consulting , arranging home finance, joint ventures and land dealing to catering to smallest requirement of a one-bedroom apartment. “What brings job satisfaction to me is the fact that not just happy customers, but even big builders in the industry know us and appreciate our work. It gives us one more reason to do better every single time,” adds Bagmar. 

She admits being a workoholic. “I know I go a little overboard sometimes with my commitment to work, which often annoys my family, but I just love my job and I love being busy and working constantly. It gives me a different kind of rush and I love it,” she concludes.

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