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Thursday, 25 April 2019

Here are a few tricks to keep you from feeling like a sweaty disaster this summer

The scorching summer heat is leaving you all sweaty and dull, bringing dehydration, break outs, rashes and infections. No matter how on-point your water intake or diet management is, you cannot afford making bad apparel choices in this season. And the more fashion mistakes you make, the more irritating the situation becomes.

Go trend spotting to pick up just the right elements for this summer fashion wardrobe. 

We help you with four fashion tricks to keep you from feeling like a sweaty disaster!

More breathable clothes
Summertime is great to indulge in pure handlooms and soft fabrics like cotton. They aren’t just breathable and light on the skin but also set in a good vibe with their simple designs and outlook. As they absorb sweat and dry fast, they keep you looking fresh and energetic for long. 
Avoid flimsy fabrics and tight fittings to protect yourself from unwanted rashes and sweat spots. Choose some loose fitted clothes like flared dresses, tunics or shirts in natural fabrics!

Ditch the embellishments
Embellishments like heavy stone work or mirror work on the clothes or the junk jewelleries that we so lovingly adore can weigh you down during the hot days. They cause rashes on the skin with their constant touch and can end up making the skin pigmented and itchy. Earrings are fine as they don’t have much point of contact with the skin but avoid necklaces and wrist bands. 

It’s best to ditch the embellishments and pick up more fabrics to go with your outfits. Go for more bandanas, scarves, hats etc to accessorise yourself!

Try the slings
Do yourself a favour — leave your tote bag or backpack at home! These large bags are too heavy to carry and leave you sweaty and tired. Instead, pick up the sling bags that are light and easy to carry.  The cross bodied sling bags don’t touch your skin much. They also allow you to carry all your essentials in a light way. It is one of the most trending summer fashion statements, besides being comfortable.

It is important to protect your skin from harsh sunlight and harmful UV rays. Instead of going for tank tops and shorts, pick up flared dresses with full sleeves in natural fabrics. They keep the UV rays at bay and prevent from sunburn. They also do not hold sweat on the body or clothes and dry up faster. Choose to carry hats and sunglasses to protect yourself from sun rays and also to flaunt your style. 
Try to choose from natural fabrics to get easy outfits that lets you be comfortable and stylish at the same time. These can be great to endure the strong summer heat while not creating sweaty disasters!

(Inputs shared by Shraddha Pacheriwal, VP Design, Raisin, a contemporary fusion wear for women)

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