Stay fit, stay consistent

Nupur Pradhan
Sunday, 30 July 2017

College student Janhavi Natekar shares her fit-fat-fit journey

It is extremely important to stay fit and healthy in our lives, especially now that there are so many epidemic outbreaks of newer and newer viruses. It’s not enough to take up a fitness regime, you have to be consistent with it.

Take the case of Janhavi Natekar. The 22-year-old was a very active kid in school. 

“I was a state-level throwball player throughout my school days and used to practice for a minimum of two hours every day. I also used to cycle or walk to the school. After I entered into junior college, all these activities took a break, because of extra tuitions and stuff. I put on weight. I weighed 85 kgs and kept falling ill. When I was playing sport, I was quite fit and I rarely fell ill,” begins Natekar.

Realising the consequences of stopping all physical activity, Natekar says, “I joined a gym along with two of my closest friends. I was not very keen on gyming but working out together with my friends helped me get focused.We were also strict with each other and didn’t allow anyone to take any shortcuts.”

Other incentives for taking up gyming were, “I couldn’t fit into my favourite clothes any longer. And, I developed a crush in college on a guy who was a sportsman,” she says.

Along with gym, Natekar also took up spinning classes which helped increase her stamina a lot. She also did zumba. “Zumba is fun! It helps you burn calories like crazy. Attending Zumba does not feel like a task at all. The music and the energy are really high,” explains Natekar.

It is believed among work out enthusiasts that if you continuously work out for 21 days, you get addicted to it and can never stop. Natekar agrees and says, “Working out feels refreshing. And the more you sweat, the better you feel! Once you start seeing the positive results you get addicted to it and you also automatically start eating healthy food.”

Speaking of food, Natekar believes that it’s okay to binge on your favourite food or junk food once in a while. “Having cheat days is good. Nothing is wrong with that. Drink plenty of water. Due to the sweat that is generated by working out, it is also important that we consume enough water to maintain the required balance,” she adds.

With her busy study schedule, whenever she is unable to work out at the gym, Natekar prefers to go for a jog at a nearby hill early in the morning to make the most of the fresh air or works out at home with a thera-band.

All this has paid off! Natekar has now shed 15 kgs! Reason enough for you to lace up those trainers?

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