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Poorna Kulkarni
Friday, 6 September 2019

Abhivyakta, which is in its 11th year, will present content-driven plays that made to the first round of Purushottam Karandak 2019

To reach audiences, many a time, storytellers participate in various competitions. However, some of the plays, despite having good content, do not make it to the final levels because of tough competition. 

Dreams 2 Reality, along with Wide Wings Media, has created a platform called Abhivyakta for such plays. Abhivyakta, which is in its 11th year, provides a stage to showcase the three plays that made it to the first round of Purushottam Karandak 2019. This year at Abhivyakta, plays like Avaliya, 3 Cheers and Hitlin will be presented. 

Speaking about Abhivyakta, Saumitra Kulkarni, event manager at Wide Wings Media, says, “A total of 51 plays go for the first round of Purushottam Karandak and out of them only nine are selected. And among these nine, top three are selected as Purushottam winners.

Excluding these nine selected plays, we have picked up three plays from the remaining 42 only after getting the opinion of the judges who judged the 51 plays in the first round. In a way, we are creating a platform to get more content-driven plays for various audiences.” 

We give you a peek into the plays.

Presented by Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Avaliya is about J K Malvankar, who is a happy person and spreads his positivity around. Written by Vasant Purushottam Kale, popularly known as Va Pu, the play has been directed by Aditya Tathe and the theatrical adaptation has been done by Pratik Dhawalikar who has also played the central character of J K Malvankar. 

Adding more about the play, a member of the cast, Saurav Gaikwad, says, “The play is about an unusual man, J K Malvankar who can sacrifice his own happiness to see people around him happy. He loves living his life to the fullest and works as a typist in a municipality office. The play takes us on a journey of his delightful life and how people experience wonderful changes in their lives because of him. It took us around two months to set up the entire production.”

3 Cheers 
3 Cheers is a play that is presented by ‘Kalankur’ group, formed by the students of International Institute of Information Technology (I2IT). The play has been directed by Tanmay Patil. 

Shubham Varma, final year student of Computer Engineering, who has written the play, says, “About two months prior to Purushottam, I was having a conversation with friends and I realised that we hardly have interactions with our parents nowadays. I decided to put across this thought through a play. A family is a happy place and the play is about the special bonding that one has with one’s family. The play revolves around a normal family that has a teenage son who has just entered college and his father is concerned about his son’s new life. The play emphasises the importance of communication between parents and children. The name of the play is 3 Cheers to indicate the three generations in the play — grandfather, father and son.” 

3 Cheers  takes inspiration from personal experiences of individuals. “It took me around a month to write and develop the story. But this is not the first time that we took part in Purushottam Karandak. Last year too, we had participated,” adds Varma. 

Hitlin is a name picked from Hitler and Chaplin and it is ‘a story within a story’. Presented by the students of Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, the play has been written and directed by Sandesh Raut. 

He says, “The bottom line of this play is that we all have dictatorial streaks. The combined story of Hitler and Chaplin is put across by the director (who plays an important role in Hitlin’s plot). People have a certain opinion about Hitler and Charlie Chaplin, but when the same characters are shown in a different light, it arouses the audience’s curiosity.” 

With this comparison in mind, the director has written the script wherein he tries to show the good side of Hitler and puts across the mistakes of Chaplin. “The director makes use of his position of a storyteller and manipulates the plot to put across something interesting to the audience,” says Raut. 

It took him around three months to write the story and 20 days to set up the play. The characters of Hitler, Chaplin and the director are played by Kamalananda Patil, Chainmay Kulkarni and Prabodhan Bhuyar, respectively.

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Abhivyakta will be presenting the three plays on Sunday, September 8, from 1 pm onwards, at Bharat Natya Mandir, Sadashiv Peth. For tickets visit: www.ticketees.com

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