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Alisha Shinde
Friday, 11 October 2019

Work It Up with Sophie, the upcoming show on Voot, promises its viewers a good dose of star-studded gossip, fitness and diet secrets

Bored of the regular talk shows? Catch all your favourite Bollywood celebrities off the couch and in the gym on Work It Up with Sophie Choudry. Voot and TikTok bring the fit and fabulous Sophie to host the one-of-a-kind fitness chat show starting today.  

As weird as it sounds, the new show is all about dumbbells, sweatpants and gossip as Sophie makes various celebrities ditch the usual couch and works out with them to talk about everything from fitness to fashion, gossip to life journeys and even a couple of fitness hacks and secrets. 

The show has been conceptualised under #EduTok, one of TikTok’s most successful knowledge-based campaigns that has encouraged TikTok users to create educational, inspirational and meaningful content across themes, including fitness and well being. 

It is India’s first chat show under #EduTok where Voot and TikTok have come together to bring a healthy change in society.

After the massive popularity of Voot’s Feet Up With The Stars, this new quirky chat show forays into revealing the fitness regime and more that make your favourite celebs stunning. 

Sophie is back as a host after a long time, and this time too, she is doing something that she has been passionate about — fitness. Talking about the show, the host says that fitness has been an important part of her life. She points out that back in the days, she considered working out as a medium to stay thin and look good on screen. “But growing up and facing the fast-paced world, I gradually understood that working out is not just for maintaining your body, it is good for your physical and mental health too,” says Sophie.
The actress says that since the past few years, she has been regular with exercise. Be it in the form of dance, pilates or even detox tea, she makes sure to squeeze in a good amount of fitness routine in her daily schedule. 

The show, says Sophie, is a melange of two of her favourite things — friends and fitness. Through the show, she takes the viewers up, close and personal with their favourite B-town celebs as they share their fitness regimes and reveal the  secrets behind their staying fit. “The show is a proper balance between fun and fitness. The celebs are sweating it out and also giving out gossip simultaneously,” Sophie says. 

Work it Up with Sophie is not like your regular talk show though, she adds. “We don’t have a set and not even a couch. The episodes were shot in actual gyms where our celebrity guests work out regularly,” says Sophie adding, “We actually had a good hearty conversation with the celebrities while they were breaking sweat. So while they chat about the industry, their journeys off screen and their daily struggles, they also give us some insight into their daily workouts and tips for staying fit and looking fabulous,” says Sophie.
Recalling her experience of shooting with Kriti Sanon, Vaani Kapoor and Malaika Arora, Sophie says it is amazing what these women do. “They all are into fitness, not only for looks but to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle,” she says. She further adds that she even got a chance to learn a few tricks and tips herself from the leading ladies when it comes to fitness. Kriti spilled some fun details about Tiger and his fitness, while Vaani shared her brief journey and transformation and her experience of working with Hrithik and Tiger in War. “Malaika was very open about how getting into fitness has added value to her life and the positive changes that it has brought for her even in her personal life,” says Sophie.
The host also adds that for her, Malaika has been an inspiration to hit the gym every single day. “Not many people know that Malaika and I are neighbours. So when I wake up and see her doing headstands, it gives me a boost to step out and hit the gym and be as fit and fine as her,” exclaims Sophie. 

She goes on to add that Work It Up is not just a show about celebrities talking about their workouts. She strongly believes that the show will entertain people and also bring a healthy change in their lives. “The bigger picture is that I want the show to make a difference in the lives of people so that they too are inspired to take up fitness, be it just running or walking or even doing yoga at home and lose some calories and stay fit and fine in the long run,” Sophie signs off. 

So, grab some healthy treats and get your weekly dose of fitness hacks on TikTok presents  Work it Up with Sophie, which starts streaming October 13, exclusively on Voot!

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