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Ambika Shaligram
Wednesday, 21 June 2017

A chat with sisters about the bonds between them

Picture this. At home, after her surgery, a woman in her mid-60s, is recuperating. Her sister comes to inquire after her health. When she is leaving, the lady ruffles gently through her sister’s sparse hair. The gesture reflects the deep love and affection that only sisters can share. 

Sisters — they fight, they care; they make you laugh, they bring you to tears; they make your lives hell and also make the world a much better place to live in! And, those who don’t have a blood sister to turn to, search for this bond amongst their lady friends. 

Techie Parineeta Chettri has two elder sisters and one younger brother. And, the bond they share is quite thick. “My eldest sister and I have a five year age difference, so I am a little careful while talking to her. It’s not what I am talking to her, but how I talk to her.  I accord Pratima Didi utmost respect,” she says. 

Rajashree Marathe, who has two elder sisters, shares a cordial relation with them. “Umatai is 8-years-older to me, while Tanujatai is 6 and half years older to me. When I was younger, they troubled me a lot. The usual sibling menace — ‘you are not our real sister; mom took pity on you and got you home’ etc. I spent my teenage years in a hostel, so I bonded more with girls my age. I couldn’t bring myself to discuss college infatuations, affairs etc with my sisters,” she explains.

Now in her 30s, Marathe says, “We talk to each other every Sunday and share what’s going on with our lives. But when it comes to small sorrows, mood swings and general disappointment, I don’t speak with the two. I choose to chat with my friends instead.”

Being the middle child, Chettri is comfortable hanging out with her younger brother and older sisters too. “Growing up, we would fight over room allotment, who would sleep where, who would wear or not wear someone’s clothes etc. We sulked and fought, but stood up for each other if someone tried to create trouble between us,” adds she. 

Avantika Kekan and Akanksha Dinesh have a four year difference between them. “We are introvert extroverts!,” Kekan says. When asked to explain, the anaesthesia specialist says, “We gel with very few people. When we hang around with like-minded people, we jabber a lot; with others, we are cordial and polite!” 

The two sisters also share a love for travelling and sometimes trek together. “My sister works for a travel company. She also has her travel blog, so I often write for her. We are good with camera too, so that’s another common interest. And, if it comes to laughing over break-ups, crushes, or seeing each other through troubles, well, there is no one better than my kid sister,” says Kekan, adding, “We are always on the same page.” 

Kirti and Ketaki Sathey too have similar tales to share. In a big joint family, teeming with aunts and cousins, and cats, the two sisters always stuck together. So much so that the younger one, Ketaki, opted for the same subjects in college that Kirti had — so that she could turn to her elder sister for guidance. 

Kirti is less communicative of the two. “And, so talking to Ketaki, makes sense to me. I know my secrets are safe with her, and she will always watch my back,” adds Kirti. That’s what sisters are for.
That’s what sisters are for! 

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