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Thursday, 25 April 2019

The all-day Butter Brews Bistro in Model Colony has come up with a new menu which will appeal to youngsters and working professionals. The ambience too is happy and attractive

Model Colony now has a hip bistro for collegians and working professionals — Butter Brews Bistro, which offers hearty breakfast, tasty lunch and delectable dinner from morning till midnight, and the place has a happy vibe. 
Taking off as a bakery, patisserie and fusion kitchen, Butter Brews now is presenting a new menu that includes homemade grills and steaks. The new menu is structured around the thought of serving global flavours appealing to the Indian palate. The restaurant serves scrumptious bread, sandwiches and delectable pancakes as well. 

We tried the new menu and found the dishes delectable. Their all-day breakfast is appetising and  healthy. The American Breakfast Tray was particularly interesting as it included American Omelette, Buttered and Toasted Bagel Bread, a bowl of fresh fruits, and tea, coffee or your choice of juice. 

Since it is summertime, we tried their salad section. Our favourite was ABC Detox, which has apple, beetroot, carrot, celery, spinach and caramelised walnuts with a delicious yoghurt dressing, perfect to keep you cool in this scorching heat. The menu also includes a Cream Cheese, Citrus Orange Topping Bagel that is perfect to wake up to in the morning or have on the go to work or college and make it in time for your busy timetable.

As Butter Brews is a globally-inspired restaurant, we tried the Chicken in Cafreal Sauce and we have to say we became fans. We savoured every bite. It’s a Goan-inspired steak marinated in Indian spices and herbs like coriander and mint, and served with mashed potato. It is further complemented by French Fries and a homemade curd dip. Simply delicious!

One of our vegetarian colleagues devoured Broodles — Thai-inspired broth and noodles and vegetables simmered with lemongrass and galangal. It not only had an amazing taste but was total comfort food. Definitely something you want to try when you need some food for the soul.

No meal is complete without desserts, so the new menu includes fresh desserts, including keto options. You can also opt for fresh coolers and smoothies to go with your meals.
We tried the Triple Chocolate that was pleasing to the eyes and filling too. The Cheese Cakes were fresh and had melt-in-your-mouth consistency — you can have them anytime of the day! They also have all day long regular Black Coffee, a summer friendly Basil Slush and an Iced Mocha, among other options. 

If you are planning a visit to Butter Brews Bistro, you can also bring along your furry friends as this is a pet-friendly restaurant. You can work with soulful music during the day and enjoy a great meal with warm service.
The outdoor seating section is a great place to hang out with friends. For working professionals assembling for a post-work scene or for a meeting, the indoor seating is apt. The cool green set up ensures that the heat is at bay and you have an enjoyable time with your circle. 

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