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Aarti Kashyap
Tuesday, 26 December 2017

We catch up with Flubber, who entertained kids and their parents at a recently held city event, ‘International Clown Festival with Flubber and his Friends’

Internationally acclaimed clown artist, Martin D’Souza, popularly known as ‘Flubber’ decided to become a clown after putting up an entertaining act at a birthday party 30 years ago. From a Science graduate to masters in marketing and then pursuing a career as a full-time entertainer, D’Souza has had an interesting journey.

D’Souza, who was in the city last week to perform with his team from South America at an event ‘The Clowning Glory of Christmas’, says, “When I started performing as a clown, I realised that there was more to it than wearing make-up and dressing up. It was then that I decided to take a formal education in the field and as no such option was available in India, I pursued my education in clowning from USA”.

He explains that clowning is not acting but performing, whereas entertainment is very pure and simple. “We try to create a moment of happiness. There is a whole lot of skill involved in clowning. It is not like narrating a story or a script. The acts are rehearsed and practised; we present our skills in a fun manner, depending upon the situation,” says D’Souza.

When asked about adopting the popular name, Flubber, he says, “That’s the name of my clown character. Flubber is a very fun loving person, very interactive. This name best suits my personality. My personality as a clown has evolved over a period of time.”

That comes across when he and his team perform on the stage. Both children and adults loved to listen and becoming a part of Flubber’s life and story. As far as the signature act is concerned, he says, “I perform a lot of action songs that are about life, about mum and papa. These have been written and composed by me, which children enjoy to the fullest.”

This also speaks about the charm of clowns in the age of social media. There is still a wide scope for clowns to be appreciated for their acts. “One billion people need good, quality entertainment. Clown is the only character that can appeal to people of all age groups — from children to elderly. That is why I have invited clowns from outside India to perform in Pune, so that people can know that there is lot more to clowning than what they know of from circus shows.”

He concludes with a heartfelt wishes on this festive season, “Follow your passion. If somebody calls you a clown, be proud of it. Follow what you want to do in life and if you believe in something, you will always find higher education available for it.”

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