A Six Pack

Anjali Jhangiani
Friday, 13 September 2019

Local talents 
Christopher Fonceca, Michael Pereira, Leo Mathews, Rashmi Duneja, Sandra Edmonds, and Clynton Fernandes get together to form The Poona Brewout Super Band and entertain audiences this weekend

Great things can happen when people who share a passion for the same thing come together. So you know for sure that audiences are going to have a ball when the six best artists from the city take the stage at The Poona Brewout this Sunday. Michael Pereira and Christopher Fonceca, who have been dabbling in various genres of music for two decades, say that their hearts lie with classic rock and pop. Rashmi Duneja, who has been performing in the city for over two years, is into blues, commercial (pop) and reggae, though she had a strong hold over classical music since childhood. Clynton Fernandes, who has been a part of the city’s music scene for 17 years now, is an operatic tenor and easily sublimes into many genres including rock, pop, and jazz. Sandra Edmonds, who comes from a musical family, says, “Our regular jam sessions have enriched me musically and actually given me the push to get into music. I’ve been singing professionally for the past eight years and love watching people have a great time at gigs. I mostly sing pop, retro, a little bit of blues, rock and jazz as well.” 

And keyboardist Leo Matthew has 15 years of experience playing pop, rock and jazz in venues all across Pune.

All of them have either seen each other on stage or have performed together at some time. They have a great friendship on stage as well. Nevertheless, collaborating to form a band for this event is quite exciting for everyone. Duneja believes that it will be an honour to perform with the rest of the members. “I’ve worked with the organisers before and have always had a terrific time playing for their events. I will be playing bass guitar and our set is going to be jumpy. Some modern tracks mixed with a few classic numbers is what we’re going to do,” shares Pereira. Fonceca adds, “It’s a craft beer festival so we know everyone is going to be in a happy mood.” Edmonds, who was a part of last year’s edition too, says, “I am thrilled to be a part of the show this year as well. I love the vibe at the Brewout. Young or old, everyone shakes a leg and has a great time. I’ll be doing a lot of dance tunes. A couple of old, a couple new and a few in a different language.”

Matthew says that Pune loves to have a good time, but even so, the city is known to be critical when it comes to music performances. No wonder it is home to some of the best music festivals in the country. “Pune has a young crowd, it is full of students, and we have great talent here, so I think the city expects a lot from musicians. I take it as a challenge and I think that’s the reason why we’ve been so successful as musicians in this city,” says Fonceca, while Edmonds adds, “I think the music scene here gives musicians a lot of opportunities to discover and explore their talent. From venues to festivals like this, the audience as well as restaurant owners really appreciate live music.”

Fernandes believes that the audiences are critical in a good way, and Duneja points out that there are various ways to look at this. “There are places which will give you a good vibe, while some won’t. As a musician, it’s always best to perform your best, and enjoy wherever you perform and to forget about the rest,” she says. But Pereira says that critical or not, there’s no place like home. “We’ve been part of the music scene here for such a long time and thankfully we’ve been loved generously. I have played in other cites abroad as well, and had a great response there too. I think the music I’ve played in different bands somehow seems to gel well with crowds everywhere so I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s the most critical but the city can be tough,” he adds. 

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With over 40 freshly brewed craft beers, a range of delicious grub, a quirky flea market and live music, The Poona Brewout will be held at Balkrishna Lawns, Mundhwa, on September 15, 12 noon-10 pm 

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