Alisha Shinde
Tuesday, 7 May 2019

More and more people want a break from their wired existence and prefer to invest in their well-being

We are leading fast paced lives; we are constantly on our toes, meeting deadlines, battling stress and health issues. Therefore, when it’s time for a holiday, most of us choose to go on a detox break, where we can disconnect from the city grind and soak in some nature, or go for therapeutic treatments like spa. We want to indulge in activities that are good for our well-being.  

The idea of vacation has changed a lot over the years. Earlier, people would go to tourist destinations, gorge on food, drinks and make merry. “Now many holiday goers look forward to recharge their batteries and slow down their pace by opting for wellness capsules, organic cuisine and healing therapies during their stay,” says Hemant Bagga, CEO, Fazlani Nature’s Nest Wellness Resort and Spa. 

The holiday-goers seek solace from the urban lifestyle, the noise from the crowds. They want to spend some time amidst natural surroundings, trees, birds and wildlife before heading back to the city grind. 

Bagga says that detox travel or wellness tourism is what Punekars are now turning to. “Combining the fun of a holiday experience with the healing touch of wellness therapies has become one of the popular trends. People have stopped travelling to crowded cities/countries and are now seeking private, exclusive and inaccessible hideouts, to make it their haven of choice,” he points out. 

With changing lifestyles, people have realised that health is precious and it needs investment. Nikhil Kapur, owner, Atmantan, a wellness resort in Mulshi, says, “With the World Health Organisation publishing reports about importance of mental and physical well-being, people now believe in investing both time and money in health.” 

Visiting wellness and spa resorts gives people an opportunity to disconnect from the world and connect with themselves. When they started Atmantan, Kapur says, their focus was on middle-aged people, However, in recent times, they have noticed that even millennials are taking interest in wellness resorts. Holidays have now become a way for people to reflect on themselves and more importantly, on their well-being. 

Everyone has a specific visual that pops up before them when they think of vacations. For many, a vacation stands for good food, good ambience and good management. “Why not! People pay a lot of money to enjoy a few days off their schedule. Going on a vacation is more like a treat for them,” says Paresh Parekh, founder, Nirvana Nature Cure

Parekh says when people are spending a bomb on their travel, they do expect a relaxing and out-of-this-world experience. “We have so many people who want a relaxing holiday. They come for a couple of days, while other stop by for an entire month. Since we are a wellness resort, we primarily are responsible for their well-being.  

People come to such resorts not only to unwind from their daily hustle bustle but also to learn to live a more healthy and holistic life with the aid of natural components,” he says. 

Radhika Desai, a city resident, says, “As an older woman, when I am travelling, I want to be pampered. I want to enjoy and relax.” 

All of this is easily available at any luxurious hotel, but what is missing is the treatment.  

“I love the fact that wellness resorts offer many services — spa, cleansing, yoga, nutritious food and most importantly, a connect with nature. The cities are now crowded. There are buildings everywhere. Once upon a time, Pune was peaceful. It is not the same anymore, therefore wellness resorts are the best place to be at,” she adds.

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