Sing with Adarsh Shinde

Alisha Shinde
Friday, 18 January 2019

The singer, who is known for his powerful voice, will enthrall the audiences on the last day of Vasantotsav

A powerful voice is not easily forgotten. Adarsh Shinde’s vocals in the song Deva Tujhya from the movie Duniyadari, is a case in point. The singer will be performing his repertoire of folk songs on Sunday at Vasantotsav. 

Talking to us about his performance, Adarsh says that the Pune audience has a different energy, which is why he loves performing here. He says that not just the Marathi audience, but also the non-Marathi viewers come for such concerts. 

“Music has no language, it is the rhythm and the notes that bring people together. I am going to present a variety of songs, both peppy and devotional for the audience. I hope they have a good time and so do I,” he says. 

“I am transported to a different world when I sing. There is a complete switch of my personality, depending on the genre that I am singing. Thus my voice comes out naturally, making an impact that the number needs,” he adds. 

The singer says that crooning peppy numbers comes to him easily, because it is in his blood. “My father Anand Shinde is a folk singer. We have a bit of folk element in our songs, which lifts the spirits and makes them very upbeat. I enjoy recording these numbers too,” he adds. 

Speaking about the regional flavour in Bollywod numbers, Adarsh says, “We know that Bollywood is currently swept by a wave of Punjabi songs. A few Marathi ones have also made a mark. This is because regional songs have a different flavour and feel to them. Not only people living in different Indian states like them, but those staying overseas also love them.” 

He adds that the year that went by was when Marathi movies and songs hit the marquee. “Marathi films did well and so did the songs. Of course, we still have a long way  to go before we make a mark at the national level,” he says. 

When asked if he enjoys live performances or playback singing more, he excitedly quips, “Although the audience reacts and enjoys my songs in live performances, I love playback singing more. It is because my true self comes out when I am doing playback. These sessions give me the liberty to create something unique every time I record a particular song. I can sing and sing till I am satisfied with the final result. This is not the case when it comes to live performances, you perform in that moment and that’s that.” 

Shinde is currently working on an album and also has some film projects. 

On the last day of Vasantotsav (Sunday), watch performances of Jaduchi Peti — Instrumental Harmonium Ensemble (4 pm), Adarsh Shinde — Marathi Folk (6 pm), Sangeet Sanshay Kallol  — Sangeet Natya (Rahul Deshpande, Priyanka Barve, Ameya Wagh and Deepti Mate) (7 pm)

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