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Alisha Shinde
Sunday, 16 September 2018

Breya, founded by Pratik Agarwal, Bikash Agarwal, Tanvi Agarwal and Abhinav Tongia, meets the everyday clothing needs of the contemporary woman

Going back to the roots can be enriching. You can rediscover the jewels of your ancient past and blend them into the present to make it more appealing to the current generation.  

With this philosophy in mind, Pratik Agarwal, Bikash Agarwal, Abhinav Tongia and Tanvi Agarwal (Pratik’s sister) started Breya in mid 2015. Their brand is all about giving ethnic clothes a modern twist. 

Explaining their label name, Pratik says that Breya is a common Irish name but what caught their fancy was the meaning behind the name. “Breya means pure and spirited, which is exactly what our brand is: while our clothes reflect simplicity, our customers are spirited,” he shares.      

Explaining the concept of blending tradition with modernity, Pratik says that Breya is a new-age platform for modern ethnic clothing. “Many a time, we comes across clothing lines that are ethnic, which is more like traditional and occasional/ festive clothing, but, at Breya, we believe that ethnic or Indo-Western wear meets the everyday clothing needs of the contemporary and modern day woman,” he says.   

There are several big brands who make ethnic clothes but these youngsters wanted to make something that could be a part of daily wear that would be comfortable to wear and not an occasion/ festival-based range. Hence the designs at Breya reflect simplicity, elegance, style and comfort. 

“Tanvi, who looks after all the designs, makes sure that our brand is able to create a difference in everyday wear,” says Pratik. Their products include Indo-Western kurtis, crop tops, smart tunics, dresses, long open jackets, fusion shirts and so on. To enhance the look, traditional bandhej, block prints and bold colours are used. 

“The entire collection is made of handpicked fabrics which are made from India’s rich and organic textiles,” says Pratik adding, “We incorporate designs for the modern woman, something that she would want to wear.”  

There over 300-400 designs curated for each season which are then distributed into different collections. “The collection Tic Tac Toe is an ode to childhood memories, while Hirayat is an ode to the Indian architecture and Vintage Garden is inspired by the gardens all around the world. Drawing inspiration from these moods we have incorporated prints and embroideries into the clothing designs,” he explains.  

Talking about the challenges, Pratik says, “We mostly operate through our stores and therefore have a limited online presence.” 

Also, sellers nowadays have to deal with the consumer psyche of buying stuff only on sale/ discount. “Because of this the quality and pricing goes for a toss, and since there are limited regulations on how MRP is set on merchandise, many a time, people misuse it,” says Pratik further mentioning that on e-commerce websites a seller will hike the price of a product and then give a discount, thus making a profit on the product that is not even worth the rate it is being sold at.

“Rather than acquiring more and more customers we want our loyal buyers and keep them happy,” says Pratik. He believes that this is possible through good quality products and reasonable pricing. 

There is also rampant plagiarism in the fashion industry today and more and more fashion designers are finding it tough to fight it. “The only way to counter it is by creating new designs and launching new collections,” says Pratik. 

Right now, Breya has seven stores and an online presence through their website and two ecommerce sites. “We are targeting at least 70 to 80 stores across 20 cities,” he concludes.

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