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Amrita Prasad
Thursday, 5 July 2018

Side-stripe jeans are in vogue nowadays, and sporting one gives you that retro look. Designers tell you how to flaunt and look cool in these denims

One of the best things about denims is that it keeps evolving and every time it comes in a new avatar, you can’t resist but fall in love with it. So denim lovers, get ready to move on from floral motifs, quirky badges and distressed jeans, and embrace the new fashion statement — side-stripe jeans.  A perfect melange of casual and athleisure wear, it is the latest addition to denim wear. 

With various denim brands promoting the style and celebrities sporting the trend, like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who was seen slipping into a pair of side-stripe jeans for a fashion magazine recently, it’s time for you to flaunt one.     

Fashion meets comfort 
Indore-based designer Mohsin Hashmi says that side-stripe denims is all about ‘functionality meets fashion’. Hashmi created contrasting side-stripe with cross detailing down on both legs, and tailored it with four pockets and zip fly with two buttons fastening in the front and a waistband with contrasting belt loop.

“Taking the trend of jeans to the next level, this one is for those who love to make a statement. A mid waist jeans with a pleated front construction and slant pockets is another option. Side-stripe will certainly upgrade your wardrobe!” says Hashmi.  

Side-stripe jeans is a trend that suits both men and women and can be worn for various occasions. “It can be worn at weekend parties and for casual outings. They are also available in washed denim fabric. A side-stripe denim with double pleats worn with a broad belt looks great. These are also easier to pair with t-shirts and shirts, and are comfy to wear in monsoon,” says Hashmi who adds that the style has become so popular that it is not just available in denim pants, but cotton pants, shirts, jackets and men’s kurtas as well.  

For that retro look  
Abhishek Yadav, head of design, Spykar Lifestyle, says that for the past couple of months this trend of side-stripe jeans has been gaining popularity and can be seen all over the streets across major fashion capitals around the world.  

“Side-stripe jeans come in different shades of indigo blue and black, and styled with different cuts and fits along with various kind of fashion detailing. Be it slim fit, wide legged or relaxed fit, the side stripe gives you a perfect retro look. The jeans have single stripe of various widths ranging from 1 cm to 3 inches, at the side seam or inseam of the jeans.  Sometimes the jeans have two or three stripes at the side seam. It’s for  people who like to express their sportier side and prefer multi-striped jeans. The sporty stripes are sometimes in contrasting colours. Tonal contrast or some times very bright and colourful contrast make your denims look like track pants,” says Yadav.  

The designs of these striped jeans are balanced with different types of fashion details on the garment. Sometimes the length is cropped and the hem is left  raw and unfinished. Sometimes ankle-length denims come in a slim fit and has clean finish hem. Wide-legged jeans can have a slit at various lengths at the hem opening to give a retro and bohemian vibe.

“The stripes are crafted by using various techniques. At times, an indigo blocker is used at the side seam to preserve the dark colour of indigo and retain it for longer period. If the stripes are in contrast, a different fabric patch is attached to it to along with tonal coloured block panelling. When it comes to sporty side-stripe jeans, various kinds of tapes of different colours are stitched on the side of jeans. Depending on the detailing and design of the jeans, the width and number of stripes can be chosen,” advises Dubey. 

Styling them right
When asked how to style them, Yadav says that these side-stripe jeans are a great pair to have in your wardrobe this season. 

“It can be clubbed with almost anything. The best tip to look trendy and fashionable is to pair your side-stripe jeans with a retro-looking top and a pair of classic footwear. Side-stripe denims bring attention downward to your footwear and are a perfect way to amp up your style quotient. The street style piece also flatters your figure and allow you to mix and match different pieces for a desired look. Complete the look with some cool accessories. Enjoy the rains by swapping your leather handbag for an all-weather cross body bag,” suggests Yadav. 

Denims in monsoon  
Denim is a sturdy and all-weather fabric, so a pair of nicely crafted jeans can be your best fashion companion even in the rains. Go for a dark pair as it will not show when wet. Dark blue or black will also not show mud stains that are common during monsoon if you are walking on the road. Besides, the mud can be dusted off easily, once dry. There are options of water repellent denims available in the market, which are appropriate for the rainy season. Denim shorts are also the best way to enjoy the rains hassle-free. Skinny jeans crafted out of lightweight denims are the best choice, as they hold their shape even if you’re drenched, and they dry fast.
— Abhishek Yadav  

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