Short films are a great medium for social issues

Alisha Shinde
Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Neville Bhaskaran, who recently won the WOW award, talks about his film and how the web space provides a great platform for fresh talent

In recent times we have come across a lot of good content-based movies in the digital space. The kind of entertainment available online is fresh and thought-provoking. You can also find content that throws light on various social issues. 

Pune-based filmmaker, Neville Bhaskaran, who is passionate about making films on social issues won the Winners of Worthiness (WOW) award which was presented by Bliss Equity, a lifestyle magazine. 
Bees Ka Luck, a short film by Bhaskaran was honoured with the Best Film of the Year award that was  given by Shobhaa Arya, owner and founder of WOW.

Bhaskaran explains that his film highlights how hard work and dedication can take you places, and how it’s not just about luck. “In the film the protagonist loses his lucky Rs 20 note. He then learns how to write his own fate and not rely on any lucky charm,” says Bhaskaran. He explains that the movie is loosely based on his own life and recalls how one day he gave his lucky charm away to a beggar on the street. 

“From this particular incident I realised that one should not have any attachment to items that we believe give us luck, we should rather focus on working hard because there are no shortcuts in life.”

Talking about his foray into filmmaking, Bhaskaran says that he was always passionate about writing and the art of film making. “I was a part of the creative side right from the beginning. One day, I decided to give filmmaking a try and it worked. The first short film I wrote and directed, Kothi N Panthi, was about a transgender who was liked by many,” he says, adding that short films are a great way of addressing social issues. In fact, this is one of the main reasons that he makes short films.
Bhaskaran mentions that all the films he has directed were written by him, and he has a few more stories up his sleeve that he plans to work on soon. When asked why he prefers writing his own films, he says, “When I start writing a particular story, I have a rough sketch in my mind as to how I would probably shoot or direct a particular scene and I like sticking to it.”

Since all his shortfilms were released on YouTube, Bhaskaran believes that digital medium is a great platform for upcoming filmmakers, “It give us the space and audience that we need for a little boost,” he says, pointing out that though releasing the films on the digital platform is easy, building a budget for directing the film and arranging things is still a big challenge. “But I have some really good friends who have helped me and believed in my work,” he adds.
When asked if he would want to get into commercial film-making, he answers, “I would definietely give it a try. I am still in the process of figuring that out.” 

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